Shiva Arrives at the Dark Moon Safely

LA based Shiva's latest 'Dark Moon' is something else... I had it on constant repeat for a while and it always felt like it ended too soon. She creates this engulfing soundtrack consisting of 5 tracks that float along beautifully as it seeps its way into your ears and completely wraps your head with waves and vibration. Something about the consistent hi-hats and that goddamn bass at 1:25 on 'Home' was an instant marriage of atmosphere and sound. Over too soon (I know, I know, EP) yet never overstays it's welcome, 'Dark Moon' is bass filled with airy crystalline touches that would sound perfect on a re-make of the movie Legend. Highly recommended if you want to zone out and travel in audio waves of awesome. Hear the album below, you can also purchase it on iTunes or Beatport.