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Signif Strong In Significant Wizdom II: Atypical

Ok so I sleep here and there on a few people for some unknown reason sometimes, Signif was one of them but trust me when I say this is one smart emcee. This is the second installment of Significant Wizdom with Gee Wiz, it explores the crazy bizarre (ha!) idea of living healthy, being responsible and the going on's in her current life. Influenced by the sounds of the 60's and 70's, this album has a soulful bounce to it and some beautiful samples to flow wonderfully with the lyricists story. Here's the beautiful thing about smart emcees, they strive to show a different perspective and might end up inspiring others to do the same. You can tell Signif has gone to the point of no dumb return and has honest lyrics, this album has a certain level of simplicity and accompanied by actual thoughts that pushes it beyond a good deal of other albums out. Flat out and point-blank it's a great album for those that like mental prowess at play with a great beatscape to carry it though. I highly recommend you buy this album, it's a fun listen and has me looking forward to future projects between Signif and Gee Wiz. The album is out now on the labels Intelligent Dummies (Signif) & Throat Chop Music, it can be purchased at a 'name your price' structure helping out those that can't lay a few bucks down as well. Hear the tracks below and support good music.