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Ana Tijoux Spits Somos Sur with Shadia Mansour

The femcee Ana Tijoux is no stranger to spittin' about politics and civil unrest, now Palestinian Shadia Mansour lends a rhyming hand to support her message of uplighting and empowerment no matter where you live. This track is off her 'Vengo' album which you can buy now on iTunes. Those horns tho...

Much respect to international strength and collaboration for a positive message.

Ana Tijoux Disparas "La Bala"

The highly anticipated Ana Tijoux follow-up album to the Grammy nominated '1977' came out today and it continues what Ana is known for, multiverse lyrical gold that can take you from pride to ruin and back while it's sound is perfectly placed with her flow. Before '1977' was released I saw Tijoux perform In LAMC and she became the top buzz of all media and music watchers as she rhymed effortlessly on stage while everyone impressed. Her lyrics didn't hit me at first and I'm guessing it was because my first experience was live, loud and with a great amount of people screaming and having fun. After the album released I knew she was a force to recon with and can hang with the best of em, slaying words and thoughts intertwined with harmony... Yep it was too dope. After that she released the "Elefant Mixtape" which was a more hyped up and hard-hitting album sound wise, it gained but more fans for the dope emcee and gave her more exposure that she needed.

"La Bala" is the next step in her career with a friendlier sound and forward approach to lyrics rightfully sitting her in the Latina (or female) Hip-Hop throne. She spits history, life and beyond, heartfelt with each bar you can't help but nod away smiling. Yet another honest emcee achieving life as they create, at no point does she serve a cold/fake dish. The album has a bit of soul, street, great beats and immense knowledge pours out the speakers thanks to Tijoux's flow. "La Bala" continues her reign right where the last release left off... Killin' em, I'm proud to see more Latino emcees doing right by what they say and not just spilling garbage. Be aware that she rhymes in Spanish but I'm sure it won't make a difference for those that appreciate good sounds.

Dope Hip-Hop fired from Ana's gun with "La Bala" hits the spot, can't wait to see what's next and if Summerstage is in the picture this year! Check out the video for 'Shock' below and pick up the album now on iTunes or anywhere you can. [youtube][/youtube]

Upcoming Album Reviews for January

Let's try and make a habit of posting the upcoming reviews I have in the works shall we? I'm officially starting said "habit" today with 4 album reviews hitting the site here this week. First album 'My Favorite Demons' a collaboration between 2 fantastic groups (almost all) from Jersey, Brokn Englsh, St. Joe Louis and the duo from Geneva JR & PH7. Up next is 'La Bala', the upcoming album to the grammy nominated '1977' from Ana Tijoux, highly regarded as the leading female Hip-Hop emcee of Latin America.

The new EP from Deal the Villain is out and about, being one our favorite emcee in Jersey you know I had to have this on the site and will be nothing short of classic DTV goodness. Last but certainly not least is Dewey Decibel and his #BoomboxBookworm project that has a nice change of pace from my usual East Coast sounds, produced by Eligh (Living Legends) this one has dope written all over it.

I have linked the album covers to their respective projects except for Ana's and Dewey, I linked to the free singles so feel free to check them out. The Ana Tijoux and Dewey Decible projects don't come out till January 31st but we will have early reviews for both projects here.

Stay Giant

Tijoux's Elephant In The Room

Alright everyone this is wordsmith queen Ana Tijoux's mixtape making it her 6th studio album, if you never heard of this awesome emcee...your welcome. 'Elephant's progression and sound bought back memories buying mixtapes on 181st in front of Woolworths, while meshing the dope flow and quality Spanish Hip-Hop she's known for. Having seen the artist at last years LAMC and as witnessed by tons of folks, the emcee has staying power and has garnered many fans in Hip-Hop journey. The tape produced by DJ Tee and mixed by DJ Dacel contains remixes to some of her hits and mixing jazzy and reggaeton beats while carrying the tape flow perfectly to the end. Something to bump your speakers to and another addition to one of the biggest Latin Hip-Hop movements in a while, well worth the download and to be shared... get it now! Download: Ana Tijoux - Elephant Mixtape Kudos to the designer on the cover, tracklist after the jump!

1. Tambalea 2. Obstaculo 3. Problema De 2 4. La Rosa De Los Vientos Remix 5. Partir De Cero Remix 6. Un Dia Cualquiera Remix 7. Crisis De Un MC Remix 8. Pie Izquierdo Remix 9. Mar Adentro Remix 10. La Vida Es Como Un Sueño Remix 11. Sube Remix 12. Nueva Condena Remix 13. 1977 Remix