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Experimenting on Art Platforms

Sup people! Long time no write, yep still here and still working on things. Today I wanted to speak a bit about art platforms built on the blockchain that use crypto as payment and distribution of ownership. Now you guys know me, anything that’s art and crypto has my attention regardless of what network it’s built on.

My never ending quest and most recent journey to create / publish my own experimental pieces have led me to the below awesome places, sure there’s many more (Known Origin, but these are personally ones I’m going to investing time in. Accompanied with their names, I’ve included what non-crypto project they can be compared to at first glance for the purpose of familiarity. Putting together pieces so I can apply to SuperRare soon.

Minimalistic Art Gallery

Great folks behind this. You can purchase art pieces here.

A Crypto version of Behance

It’s a little confusing at first but very cool.

Instagram-like distributing and selling of your work

This app is what made me finally post pieces again.

The header piece was done by me and a variant of it will be posted on Editional today but I have an animated version of it that I’m holding on to until I decide where it’s going :p
The below are are preview of some of the pieces I’ve created so far and have posted on Editional.

Hope to see you guys around those platforms, thank you for all the support so far and as always I’ll be on Twitter!

Stay Giant

Remembering the Artist Robert De Niro, Sr.

I saw this yesterday on HBO and it was a fascinating documentary about the painter, his works, a tribute and how he thought about his own work and others. Robert De Niro Jr felt compelled to continue and try to show his fathers work because he felt it needed more eyes and to honor him at the same time.

It dealt with something important and a semi typical look into what an artist usually goes thru with their own works within his world. Often you will find an array of emotions and (personal) disappointments within an artist, it can be a thing of execution from the idea to whatever medium, self assurance or how well they've been accepted within the community of artists. We are an emotional bunch but it's because some of us have an unapologetic and harsh opinion on our own works, that will never change and it's something all artists have to cope with somehow. While maintaining sanity... well some of us do, there's a thin line of acceptance when how good you think you are and listening to others praise your work collide. Most times I value what I think over anything that is said to me because I feel that if I'm not happy with it, I won't show it and it's not good enough for me to be proud of.

Now have those inner workings of constant self debate with how the world loves the next big or hot thing. It can work itself into your mind and wreck havoc if you're not sure how to regain a level head. It doesn't matter what your working on be it a painting, drawing, photography, project, music or performance, know that you are your biggest critic and it's ok. Just remember to pat yourself in the back once in a while and recognize when you truly have something good going. You can't grow as an artist if you cannot see beyond the mud.

You can find more information about the documentary here.

Dewey & Friends High on Art

If you've been following the Dewey Decibel appreciation here then you know this dude is about that art, well him and his friends got some art drank in and now engulfed in visions. See what happens when they take to the streets 'High on Art'. This track is off the 'Son of a Beach' album and continues to show how much he works on his craft both lyrically and visually. Dope indeed.

Tesselate B6400 ED-IT DJ's

I can see a sea of B6400's jamming out to these ED-IT DJ's computing their latest and greatest blips as George and his Amazing Blue Dispensing Machine. paints the crowd. The little bugger measures 15cm / just under 6" tall and comes with his own setup to make the bass go bump. Limited to only 2 (damn you Tesselate) pieces... you better be fast to get this awesome resin come Tuesday 19th of March at 8pm (GMT UK time) when you visit his shop.


Some info on the series: The core ED-IT DJ's would struggle to put on a show without their trusty friends the B6400 series. Once confined to audio management of human concerts and internet broadcasts, these bots joined the ED-IT team and have put their skills to good use. From the very initial concept of a new show, through the to the final beat produced, B6400 are watching and tweaking via their expansive plethora of equipment.

They work closely with partner company Accex to develop new machines and push boundaries.

They are also partial to a good cheese burger.