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Chris Faust Is A-Live Faust

Ever since I saw Alter Egos (The NYC one) perform many years ago, I've had a soft spot for live Hip-Hop bands and when the music goes in the right direction as this album does... well you wish it had more tracks or bands like it. This is actual MUSIC not just samples or a piano, but actual instruments. BK emcee Chris Faust has that lost live Hip-Hop feeling I was looking for ever since AE disbanded, thank God for Bandcamp and "Look what they downloaded" lists.

WGM Interviews Wil-Dog of Ozomatli

[youtube][/youtube]Another video from the unreleased WGM vaults is an interview I did with Wil-Dog from Ozomatli, a dope live band from Cali that has contributed many good things to life and music. They just came back from performing in China and Mongolia, and also representing the United States as cultural embassadors at the time of the interview. Ozo's sound is made up of many cultures and genres mixed together to create something that had all of us jumpin and thumpin in Brooklyn at last years LAMC. At the same time that they have everyone reciting and dancing to their music, they also do a lot in communities/countries and reach out to people in need. On level with the When Giants Meet vision of cultural and musical intake also lending a hand to those in need, Wil-Dog let's us know what goes on in their travels, sounds, and the causes that they are down with.

Yes it was mad noisy at the hotel, there was like 1000 sites and artists doing interviews at the same time haha. Hope you enjoy the interview!
For more information on Ozomatli check their site, and follow them on Twitter along with Wil-Dog!