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WGM X China 2011 Part 1

So I have finally gotten around to editing some of my photos from our recent China trip. I will be breaking down each posting by either days or places we visited. Overall we had a great time and learned a few Chinese words (not enough) as we experienced Beijing and Shaghai thru SmarTours which once again did a fantastic job on picking their guides and locals. These shots are from JFK to Beijing Capital International Airport, also my morning view thru the window in our hotel and a few shots from Tiananmen Square and the entrance to the Forbidden City. Was there any culture shock? Not really but we were definitely surprised to see the immense amount of folks at Tiananmen Square as some were also visiting Mao's Tomb. The food was excellent when we were able to communicate what we wanted on the all Chinese menus to the non-English (and Spanish) speaking staff haha. That first night we went to a place across the street from the Penta Hotel they put 4 tables together for us after it was communicated that we were all together and then the fun started... we were ordering. Everything was ordered and the locals were looking at us like we were aliens, it was hilarious but wasn't as crazy as a few days later when I was posing for pictures with little kids and babies. It was awesome to see people trying to fake the funk and just slide next to us and take pictures (Victory sign!) with the tall tourists, also at the same time great because I was taking pictures of them too! I will have more pictures coming up, hope you enjoy the photos after the jump and be sure to come back for the rest.

When The East Is In The House...

The East got my sleeps all screwed up but we had a great time in China, it was amazing to see certain structures and nature withstand the test of time and the evolution of society... also how cheap you can get certain "things." Another airline ticket and currency change piled upon new cultural experiences is what we live for, and we can cross another part of the map off. We traveled to Beijing and Shanghai then for a day to Suzhou and back to Shanghai, many bus trips and a flight in between the hustle and bustle of millions of people sprawled in the country made it all the more interesting. Needless to say (although I'm saying it now) it was an interesting experience and came back with a few thoughts. I will be uploading some pictures and thoughts tomorrow so stay tabbed and stay Giant. For now... I gotta try to get some regulated sleep!