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Black Sabbath for the Kids?

Now that our family trilogy is complete (3 boys), I have many thoughts and concerns in shaping them to be the best we can help it. Beyond the regular life lessons and issues that might come up, I worry err… wonder when is the best time to share a few select bands with my 8yr old. Now keep in mind not all kids are the same and some either advance a bit faster or slower than usual, there might be certain things that you can introduce where it can enhance their mind and help development of their imagination. So with that being said, I would like to introduce Black Sabbath to our oldest at some time. Yes I know what you’re thinking, I also know that and that last thing you thought about the horns and all. 

Why do I want to show my son this band that has managed to be the soundtrack to many folks nightmares? Because they are one of the greats, highly atmospheric and he can handle it, or so I think he will be able to soon. He is now at the stage of loving different types of music and is currently listening to Weezer, Daft Punk, The Beatles, Imagine Dragon, Mega Ran, chip tune tracks and a bunch of other songs that are slightly higher than what would normally be for his age. I just have to make sure that there’s a clear defined line when it comes to lyrics and imagery, that’s one of the main problems now with listeners that take lyrics or band portrayal a bit more serious than just entertainment. I’m trying to wrap my brain around the “why all the demons/devil?” in order to make sure that it isn’t being taken for granted and praised for the wrong reason.

The right steps have to be taken for a young mind to not be warped or grown in a healthy manner. I am being highly cautious on what is shown or agreed with so it’s very important to me that my kids are grown mentally before being exposed to anything not of age. As a parent it’s a daily thought that whatever my little ones are exposed to, can be handled in a responsible manner to not stunt their mind and THEN I'll introduce the many greats. I honestly can’t wait to bring them to their first concerts.
If you are a parent, what can’t you wait to introduce to your kids?