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Blogs of August Experiment

BoA_GHey everybody, WGM is going to be participating in a lil blog experiment created by Mike Elgan where we post most if not all of the site's postings on Google+ for the month of August.

Sounds bananas right? I'm trying to see how viable of a blogging option it is once it's down to actual writing, not bells and whistles full of plug-ins and fluff. I already see some issues with certain things I do here but let's roll with the punches shall we?

First impressions: Embeds are going to be a slight problem if I want to place Bandcamp or Soundcloud albums/songs within the posts. Also hyperlinking within a post is a no go, don't mind posting links after the thoughts or review but yeah. Personalization is a HUGE difference but the overall clean minimal looks is what I'm gearing towards anyways.

You can read WGM on Google+ here: Official WGM G+ Page

Also follow Mike Elgan and myself on G+ if you're on there. See ya there plussers!

Rhymageddon Pays 'Respect 2 Tha Blogs'

There comes a time where you have no choice but to feel thankful that somehow you helped someone in some way, it's part of the reason why I continue this site and incredible proof in the push to fight the good fight. Fellow Giant and powerful Jersey emcee Rhymageddon sent over a track called 'Respect 2 Tha Blogs' where he took a few blog sites and included us in the track, wow that's all I got to say... well I have more to say but you get the idea. A Giant thanks goes out the the brother and I wish nothing but the utmost elite achievements in this battle called life to the homie Rhymageddon. I've had a chance to sit and politic with the brother one on one on my front steps and on our way to shows, he's yet another example of fantastic music talent in our own backyard. If you still dont know his music... well it's about time you found out, listen to the track below and you'll know what the deal is.