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O Romeo Santos, Wherefore Art Thou Stylist

So Romeo Santos of the world famous Bachata band Aventura has gone solo and released his album which is mostly great, yet there is this annoyance I have with him or shall I say his stylist. Since the second Aventura album his wardrobe folks (or person) have been slowly chopping at his style to end up looking like a flamboyant 80's reject drug dealer. The music has gone from ok to fantastic and even has caught the attention of big artists Usher and even Lil Wayne (yeah I know...) but while his clothing has marginally improved, the whole tight suit and cheesy jackets are as bad as his "yessir" or "lemme find ouuuut!" quips. I think it's time to update that stylist or let them know they don't have to dress him all silly like that. It's part of the complete package as an artist to strive and show your best with what you also wear most times (esp. in Bachata), all I'm saying is let the brother look the part that he's in and not like a 'just got rich' hick with Pepe Jeans on. I'm a fan of Aventura and Romeo's music all the way but wow their fashion and design presentation has been underwhelming, at least their videos have gotten A LOT better. Check out one of my favorite videos below for 'Su Veneno,' it's the Bolero version of the Bachata hit which I think sounds better than the original in my opinion.



Thoughts On Diego Garcia's 'Laura'

Alright let me get this out of the way first... I LOVE this cover. It reminds me of the Fania LP covers or just the covers and design from the 70's Salsa, Psych, and alternative music. Now this is one of those instances where the cover looks what the music sounds like, a desolate cold yet warm and beautiful album. Diego Garcia is the front man of indie rock band Elefant and is going to be debuting his solo project 'Laura' to the masses on April 5th, 2011. It's a melancholy mix of guitars, strings, and soulful lover woes of a lonely man, and harks back to the time of me listening to boleros with my dad and thinking I was too young for this type of music. Diego's cover (Read EDIT Below) of Miguel Gallardo's excellent 'Otro Ocupa Mi Lugar' in 'Inside My Heart' is the first song you hear, and instantly lets you ready for where the rest of the album (again, fantastic) is going to take you... a lush and somber yet beautiful journey into emotions.

Be sure to buy this album on iTunes ($5.99) and Amazon ($11.49) now!

EDIT: Since the first listen of this album I've had 'Inside My Heart' compared and analyzed to Miguel Gallardo's 'Otro Ocupa Mi Lugar' (see video link in paragraph above) to which I find even till today eerily similar. The artist has even put out a mini video telling folks how the song came together or "conceptualized", I am not debating or arguing that he took a sound or sampled it, just that it shares are very (very) similar sound. Am I really the only one who sees the similarity in it, or do folks not want to go that route?

Inside My Heart by DiegoGarciaNYC

At least call me crazy, I'll own up to it.

DJ Afro Goes 'Free' Review

DJ Afro the guitarist of Grammy award winning band Los Amigos Invisibles (another favorite) has released his first solo project which consists of a hodgepodge of soothing sounds and also has the musician (surprisingly) singing on the album. If you are a fan of his podcast "DJ Afro y Su Rumba Barata" or have experienced one of his infectious live DJ sets that I absolutely love then this might be right up your alley. There doesn't seem to be any kind of concept or structure to the track list but oddly enough it works very well considering the songs can go from slow-tempo to Funk even Esquivel'ish then to Cumbia quickly, it's an interesting flow to listen to especially when it's good. At first I didn't know what to make of this album but after 2 or 3 listens I got it, not sure if I can pinpoint what "it" is... but I got it and "it" is grand. It's another one of those albums that when listened to, takes you to a place you might not want to ever leave. A great listen for music enthusiasts and for those that enjoy universal sounds can jump blindly into 'Free'... una rumba inolvidable.

You can purchase 'Free' now on iTunes, Amazon, CD Universe.