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Flying Lotus... YOU'RE DEAD!

One of the most prolific, prophetic, enlightened and enraged with visions beat masters shall unleash a cataclysmic fury of beats come Oct. (6/7) and we shall all weep with happiness and be better because of it. Am I lying? Nope, Am I exaggerating? Maybe... err nope. Flying Lotus shall own wallets, don't say I didn't guide you the right way but for now peep the trailer for the album. 

Ras G 'Looking for the Perfect Beat' Preview

Ever want to be a fly on the wall listening to one of your favorite beatmakers created the goodness? I know I have and this might be the perfect way to analyze an artistic process that ends up with you zoning out or going nuts on a great beat. Looking for the Perfect Beat is an upcoming film based on the beat making scene in LA surrounding the Low End Theory Club. It''ll show an immersive view into the creative process of beatmakers such as Thundercat, the Gaslamp Killer, TOKiMONSTA, Jonwayne, Baths, Daedelus, Ras G, Teebs, D-Styles, edIT of the Glitch Mob, Astronautica, Free the Robots, and Matthewdavid. The film is being directed by Matthew F. Smith and produced by Daddy Kev of Low End Theory. For the location and date of the release see below and enjoy the Ras G preview!: 

Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles
Downtown Independent Theater
July 13 Sunday at 9PM


Mono/Poly Ra-Rise

Like a new day rising and the air is crisp with a temperature of 63º, all is well. The grass is wet, the neighbor's car isn't blaring, best sleep ever and this is what your mornings should be like.

Mono/Poly got it incredibly right. His new album 'Golden Skies' off Brainfeeder is coming out August 25th. Keep an open ear for this dude's work, you won't be disappointed.

Jeremiah Jae 'Raw Money Raps'

Jeremiah Jae's 'Raw Money Raps' plays out like some sort of dream full of echoes and dings.. clap clap, witty subjects of stagnant stereotypes brought into a colorful audio trip with half second off kilter's. The album will make you zone out and wonder where the hell did he get this stuff from, at the same time you'll nod your head as the drone moves. This is the sort of experimentation that sticks with me and brings out more positive creative energy when heard. It might be an acquired taste for some Hip-Hop heads since some of these blogs are labeling it as such but I'd rather not give it that stamp, letting it run free without some sort of box is what it needs. I'm not going to bore you will technical details not necessary since it's all about the music but I will let you know that Jeremiah has an interesting background, his mother sang gospel and his dad was the musical director of Miles Davis in the Jazz-Fusion era of his career so yeah... awesome. Flying Lotus did right getting Jeremiah with Brainfeeder, it keeps the beauty of audio experimentation alive longer. An album best heard at night or while roaming the streets on the headphones, it evokes the genuine want of getting out there and creating something in your vision. I was left highly impressed at how complex and explored 'Raw Money Raps' feels, it's a great aural experience that you can open your arms to and let it carry you till the end. The album's worldwide release will be tomorrow care of Brainfeeder Records and on iTunes, Amazon, BleepBoomkatNinjashop, or vinyl for purchasing, meanwhile check out the 'Money' video to see what you're in for.

Plunge Into Teebs Collections 1

This is the type of audio journey I always have in mind when releasing or thinking of experimental mixtapes (like "I Wish I Could Scuba") to release but Teebs has it on higher ground and is full of sounds and colors that warp the mind. A collection of sounds that feel like a never-ending plunge into life's and envelopes you with warm colors and mist, does it make sense? It's ok if it doesn't, just know that Teebs collection is fantastic and you will get lost if you let it. The album starts off with "Just The Yellow Bits" sounding like a chase scene which then floats up to dark deep space, it brings you back down to a urban setting with "Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent", shades of yellow and red on a summers day sprawling over the bricks and concrete. It all becomes dusty in that damp room as "Pretty Polly" plays, the beat repetition works well here as if it was a mantra digging itself into you. In "Jahara" it goes to a bokeh filled night setting while life flutters all around as people walk and converse then "Verbena Tea" bring it to a stand still as shadows dance on the wall and lifts you up with Rebekah Raff's Harp. Crystals clash and winds whip by as "Your Favorite Weekday" comes around and circles you, creating a beautiful dream-like feeling inhibiting your consciousness. "LSP" cleanses and calms the mind with a low drum beat making everything ok, bringing "While You Dooooo" samba rhythms as the sun rises again. It all seems to go according to plan when "Red Curbs Loop" assures you the night went well as the crackle plays throughout, to top the experience off "Yellow More New" closes your journey into the mind and art of Teebs.

Listen to "Pretty Polly" [audio:T-PP.mp3]

I enjoyed this album immensely and can't wait to hear what the Brainfeeder artist has coming up. This isn't another collection of sounds that you can just easily slap a price to, but yes it is worth 100% the price of admission so cop ASAP!

Download: iTunes, Amazon, Boomkat Vinyl: NinjashopBoomkatBleep