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Brooklyn Shanti All-Over Stylee

The brotha Shanti has been on a world tour and just wanted to give you all a taste of his latest endeavors. From Man Mantis tracks to performing with Karsh Kale in New Delhi, the dude is going Giant and you will see a lot more of him here... especially in the special upcoming project we have going on in WGM.


Brooklyn Shanti x A-Live Go Dubstep on 'Live for What I'd Die for'

Brooklyn Shanti collaborated with A-Live for a Dubstep meets Hip-Hop track in 'Live for What I'd Die for,' touching on the constant revolving topic of life versus death that lives among many. Shanti recently has been on an amazing journey life and music wise and also shares the constant peering into the complex yet simple idea of Love. I like this track because the beat doesn't sounds like two steel doors grinding on each other, some dubstep tracks sound like they are trying to damage the idea of the genre so props to Shanti and A-Live going the better route.

Brooklyn Shanti Flows Bengali in 'Rani Rani'

Giant fam Brooklyn Shanti has released the feel good summer track for 2011, he flows in Bengali for this one and it fits the beat perfectly. He's on a love kick and there's nothing wrong with that as we need more of it in this world. This is the first single off his 2011 all Bengali EP and kicks off the summer with that Caribbean flavor that will have everyone swaying like the palm trees while he talks about beauty and finding love. Big ups to Thornato of Cumba Mela for producing this track! If you want to check out the lyrics go to his bandcamp page or when purchased check the lyrics section on your iTunes.  

Chris Faust Is A-Live Faust

Ever since I saw Alter Egos (The NYC one) perform many years ago, I've had a soft spot for live Hip-Hop bands and when the music goes in the right direction as this album does... well you wish it had more tracks or bands like it. This is actual MUSIC not just samples or a piano, but actual instruments. BK emcee Chris Faust has that lost live Hip-Hop feeling I was looking for ever since AE disbanded, thank God for Bandcamp and "Look what they downloaded" lists.

Fresh Daily Lives 'The Quiet Life'

Artistic growth is necessary if you ever want to tap into your current state of mind and produce any body of work, when personal growth plays a part then leads you to a different yet familiar path and joins art it's magic. The latest Fresh Daily album 'The Quiet Life' is another artistic and personal growth collection of auditory candy. I already thought that after 'Mothership/L A N D' he reached that level of Hip-Hop where I can relate to and it wasn't just a temporary movement (aka fad), now reading the booklet on his site it hits exactly where my head is at right now. While image (stay fresh) still plays a role in his rhymes, there is maturity present that lets you know there's a higher plane of emcee at play. With soulful beats and lyrics that touch more than the surface of what makes a person tick and live, this album goes a LONG way and never stops to catch it's breath. Quiet Life, Easy, Say Yes, Art Mirrors, and Diamonds are my top favorites but the whole album is just too good, I also caught that classic SMB sound on 'Fresh is G O N E' hehe. With this album I'd say it's another great eye over the shoulder to his life and how he's living mentally. So go ahead and click that download below and see what the good word is about. Peace to Fresh Daily and Giant thoughts, live 'The Quiet Life.'