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Video City TV Sits With The Audible Doctor

[youtube][/youtube] The Audible Doctor of BBAS recently sat down with Video City TV and discussed the origins of The Brown Bag AllStars, upcoming projects and showed the process he takes in creating a beat. It's always dope to see what goes in a name and everything that can be involved to create the music we all love.

Brown Bag AllStars 'Got It All' DJ Brace Remix Video

[youtube][/youtube]The cinematography in this video came out looking great and another well documented piece in the Brown Bag AllStars history book. Love how it's soo simple and captures regularity yet shows it in constant shifting sized frames within it all making it much more than just street shots. Audible Doctor I see that Good Wood piece on ya, makes me want that WGM one I been talking about even more now haha. Constant smooth beats and rhymes, the BBAS never show signs of hesitation in their skill and the quality just keeps getting higher and higher. The feel of this video must be one of their best ones yet.