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Everyone Loves Uncommon Burners 2

The Uncommon Records folks are back and this time they're celebrating their artists and fan base with the second installment of Uncommon Burners. The Uncommon Burner 2 features tracks from all of their current artists and features by Prince Po and billy woods, if you buy the cd version it comes with 8 extra tracks, a dual poster and a limited edition Uncommon America sticker. If you're really feeling the Orange Army vibe (which you should) go for the package that brings everything I already mentioned and the Uncommon Orange army flag tee, for other options visit their merchandise page too.

The music speaks for itself in volumes. Support the Uncommon troops!

3 Years... Word Is Bond Indeed

Many sites are born yearly and some perish just as fast but a select few stand ground and flourish to become a positive addition to the purpose. My blogther Jose of Word Is Bond is celebrating their 3rd anniversary with a compilation ($3) of that good Hip-Hop, I remember the beginnings and they have grown plenty especially with new writers and features. Let's raise a glass and celebrate with them to wish the site many more years of growth and positivity, you've been blessed with loyalty and readers... your set. Keep it going and don't stop my brother cause the team holds it down proper, stay about the music and it'll always be heaven above hell. Let's show them some love and support the craft and site with good music by purchasing it below!

3 is definitely a magic number so live, love, life.

Now a few words from the celebrated...

All of the above has been fueled by your readership and, to show appreciation, we’re releasing “The Magic Number” a compilation featuring WIB’s editors top picks of music posted over the last 12 months. For next year, we have a lot planned out already. As you know we like to keep things under wraps here at WIB and show it off once it’s ready – but believe us when we tell you that you guys are in for a year full of the dopest underground music around. Stick with us, you are in good hands.

As much as we’d like to make the compilation free, with popularity comes the high running costs of the site, so we had to mark the album at the low price of $3 to help with the running costs. I hope that everyone can enjoy and help Word Is Bond with a little donation, and in return get an excellent compilation.

We truly appreciate your readership, love and support, and whenever you can please raise a glass and pour one down for us here at WIB and yourselves, as without your readership we wouldn’t be in this privileged position.

Thanks for everything and here’s to another year full of potential, here’s to 2013!

The Word Is Bond Team

Bloodbath x B-Real Roll Up 4/20

The brothers at Bloodbath have teamed up with B-Real to commemorate 4/20 in style, the collabo will bring two tees and an great looking wooden grinder for your greenery. They also got photographer Michael Morales taking fantastic shots for the project lookbook which make the whole thing come alive. Peace to the homie Patrick from Bloodbath for sending this in, you can see the full lookbook after the jump. The collection will be available in limited quantities on... wait for it... 4/20!

"Bloodbath and B-Real (Cypress Hill) have crossed strains to commemorate this year's 4/20 celebration. Presenting two graphic tees and a custom wooden grinder, the pieces will be offered in the Bloodbath Online Shop as well as a handful of special retailers. The wooden grinders have imprints that host Buddhamaster and Bloodbath iconography, which are limited to 100 pieces.  The first tee echoes the same design as the grinder, and the other displays a big thumbprint textured with an image of the finest greens."


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