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Continuations and Positive Beginnings

Photo by Randy Ortiz Well 2013 was a hell of a year, it had everything from the biggest government fears unfolding in the media, hacking, new additions to our family, realizations and society perhaps waking up a little bit more. Resolution planting won't be a focus here but more on thoughts as a whole and continuing to work on the path I chose for a positive life, working on projects and exploring the world a bit more.

Many have a focus on getting their life right or losing weight or being nicer for a new year but why not just do that daily and not because it's a new year? Getting your life right starts from within and not others, remember that when you try to blame others for your problems. I mean if you didn't lose those 10 pounds with last years resolution, what makes you think repeating yourself one more year will do it? Just eat healthier... diets don't work people. Be nice, it'll make their day and yours, Karma has a funny way of checkin' yo ass also when it's time also. There's nothing wrong with being a good person and you will perhaps plant a seed in someone's life that'll make them do something or help them realize the world isn't all bad.

When Giants Meet... where do I start. It's been a crazy and shocking amount of blog accomplishments that this site has had so far since launch but now it's time to focus on collaborations and personal projects for WGM. I have gone thru a wide range of thoughts and emotions on what it means to be a good blog and where this type of "industry" is going, I don't like it and rather bring something new instead of being just another blog. The music and thoughts will continue to flow but there will be a heavy focus on certain things that go beyond just a blog post. Anyone can blog and the majority of sites out there have proved this theory correct, what else can you do tho? Let's show em.

Here's to the continuation of positive mental growth, more country stamps on the passport and good people.

Changes In The Wind

At certain points into the year I like to point out what will be going on in the site and if there are any changes coming up. I am officially going to start tackling a few projects I have been working on and should've been for a while, I will also be working with certain familiar faces which you have seen on the site in one way or another. It will be a smooth transition in content and at the same time not impact the awesometastic (it's a word now) music that is always posted.

What does this mean for the site? You will start seeing more experimental design and audio here along with the music posts you all look forward to. So that means more peeks here and there to what makes and revolves around the WGMverse. From the beginning I have wanted to go beyond just words on a post and it's time to finally start shifting into what When Giants Meet was made to be. So stay along for the ride as I also look forward to continue creating bonds with artists and readers by building/creating art, the main objective will be to contribute something positive to music and art overall. Details? That's what you'll see once things start popping up here... haha.

Thanks for believing and staying Giant. WGMeets

Starchild Brings 'Cold Turkey Leftovers' For Us

Starchild is back and ready to enter a new time, combining what he goes thru in actual life with his music he reflects it all in sound. The third full album release from the artist takes us on a journey through his childhood and leftover beats he's accumulated in the past two years. While random snippets adorn the 15 track package, it magically flows from one track to another like a favorite DOOM track. I can appreciate this on soo many different levels (life, sonic thoughts) and especially what he's doing if you chose to buy this project. You can download the project for free or pay whatever you want, 50% of it will be going to Cancer research. The relentless murderer known as Cancer has taken many lives and all the work that can go towards it is much needed, it has recently taken Donna Summer and Robin Gibbs and won't stop there. Peace to Starchild for sharing part of his life and helping a good cause.

<a href="">Cold Turkey Leftovers by Starchild</a>

Goose Damns These 'Changes' Ft. TheMedley

Oh word? Orlando bringing some more good music to WGM! New to us Goose sent his latest and first single off his incoming (summer) mixtape 'Inebriated' with a mesmerizing hook by TheMedley, this track got heart to it and the sounds crazy courtesy of TapeDeckEra. Check the video below and download the track above. Peace to the FL folks and keep em coming! [youtube][/youtube]