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Chiptune Music That Doesn't Suck

Let's face a few facts shall we? Videogame inspired sounds can sometimes strike a bad chord even amongst fans of the hobby/art form but there are a few shining thru with good sounds that don't sound too harsh and I wanted to share a couple of recent findings (old releases) I stumbled upon. Check them out and let me know what you think, also feel free to submit and share the ones you have or like.

Chico Mann Live Mercury Lounge

[youtube width="600" height="360"][/youtube]Deep in my video vaults I have live footage of performances that I never posted and this is going to be the start of releasing all of said footage. Chico Mann is the first one up with their performance of 'Anima' at the Mercury Lounge for LAMC 2010. I decided to go with a black and white old TV look just because I think it goes very well with the style of music and it has a 70-80's Spanish Harlem vibe to it, hope you enjoy the clip.