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Zilla Rocca 'Party With Villains' Care Package

Who wants to sign for this? Philly's quick draw Zilla Rocca and his October 30th release for "Party With Villains" EP is around the corner, he's released two singles so far 'Michael Caine Glasses' and 'Nothing In The Bank' that continue the bourbon sipping night crawling feel. Has-Lo's Michael Caine remix has a midnight hooligan sprinting boom-bap feel to it, and Alpha 1's Nothing In The Bank has that funky bank heist sound. Zilla is one of the most atmospheric emcees I've heard and apparently he has no plans on stopping cause this dude does mucho work. After the insanely awesome Wu-Tang Pulp, we have another audio fatale to look forward to. Check out the two singles below.

Zilla Rocca Goes "Full Spectrum"

This is Zilla Rocca's lead single off the upcoming "Nights & Weekends" album and now that his completed kickstarter project has met it's goal (gooo Zilla), it only makes it all the better for us as we reap the music rewards. The track produced by Dr. Quandary and featuring Has-Lo seeps HipHop noir and as usual always worth a download. You can hear/download it below! Zilla Rocca - Full Spectrum feat Has-Lo (prod by Dr. Quandary) by ZillaRoccaNoir