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 An awesome stop motion look at WORXLIFE Co.'s upcoming  money clip and wallet release. WORXLIFE is a local Jersey company taking the right steps early in the game, they are doing it right and it's starting to show with their upcoming releases. The maturity level has gone beyond just a simple tee, they have gone from simple prints to now accessories and cut and sew. For more information visit their blog and go check that dope ass varsity jacket they posted!
O Romeo Santos, Wherefore Art Thou Stylist

So Romeo Santos of the world famous Bachata band Aventura has gone solo and released his album which is mostly great, yet there is this annoyance I have with him or shall I say his stylist. Since the second Aventura album his wardrobe folks (or person) have been slowly chopping at his style to end up looking like a flamboyant 80's reject drug dealer. The music has gone from ok to fantastic and even has caught the attention of big artists Usher and even Lil Wayne (yeah I know...) but while his clothing has marginally improved, the whole tight suit and cheesy jackets are as bad as his "yessir" or "lemme find ouuuut!" quips. I think it's time to update that stylist or let them know they don't have to dress him all silly like that. It's part of the complete package as an artist to strive and show your best with what you also wear most times (esp. in Bachata), all I'm saying is let the brother look the part that he's in and not like a 'just got rich' hick with Pepe Jeans on. I'm a fan of Aventura and Romeo's music all the way but wow their fashion and design presentation has been underwhelming, at least their videos have gotten A LOT better. Check out one of my favorite videos below for 'Su Veneno,' it's the Bolero version of the Bachata hit which I think sounds better than the original in my opinion.



Worxlife Fall 2011

Local NJ company Worxlife has released their Fall 2011 line, it will be available online (September 13, 2011) and now at Black Flag Shoppe in Clifton, NJ. I already snagged up my 'Rotten Denim Cap' at BFS and already hear the 'Money Clip Wallet' is moving fast! What I like about this series specifically is the rugged yet mature feel to the line and that speaks volumes for the folks behind it. Simple yet dope.

Hey WLco folks... ikaw nga ba?

The Hundreds NYC Shop Drop

Last week TheOneCam and I were walking by Canal Street, decided to venture off into some streets then happened to walk by The Hundreds and stopped by to check it out. I have to say it looks pretty cool in there with the white brick wall TH design, the racks/shelves fixtures with leather upholstery, wood tiling, 2 27in iMacs, and a huge awesome slab of marble for a wall on the right side. The dudes there were chill and everything, I could be wrong but I think NA (Deadline) was chilling near the register too. Check the pics and stop by the shop on 96 Grand Street (Map) New York, NY 10012, they got some good stuff there.