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DADA NYC: A Digital Artist Playground

Art is life and amazing how it's always open to interpretation regardless of what thought or medium was used to create it. With soo many advances in the digital age we live in, visual expression was bound to hit the pixels hard and become something that many people participate in, converse and share. Now we have an amazing start in the art and collaborative space called DADA nyc, a visual social network where you can communicate, collaborate and occupy a space where expression is key. I absolutely love the idea of having daily topics where people create pieces from and also the ability to have someone else come in and draw in the same piece as you. 

Visual conversation by artists at

Art is an amazing tool to communicate with, share our lives and thoughts, especially when no barriers and labels. I believe this site has an amazing idea and drawing tools (desktop only for now) for an amazing collaborative movement in a public space without getting arrested, haha. Their interface is primitive yet beautifully stylized and I love it, from the illustrated site buttons to the way type is utilized in menu options. Want to start drawing right away? Below is what you'll see once you click the pencil on the site's bottom center. Nice clean canvas... have at it.

They have also released their first art gallery named "Creeps & Weirdos" (see below) where you can even buy a piece of digital art using Ethereum (ETH), I am completely on board with cryptocurrency and glad they have their foot in it. Yes you can own limited edition art on the blockchain, once purchased you will received the edition number and the right to resell the piece as well. They are currently working on the certificate of ownership which will even further solidify this projects contribution to the art space. You can literally collect art that's limited and most importantly support the artist for their work, how cool is that?

Easily said this is a highly ambitious project and one that has very cool achievements already in the art and crypto space. There seems to be a great community there with folks sharing their pieces and coming together as artists to create. I am also going to start using the drawing tools myself and hopefully I'll see you guys there as well.

For more information: DADA NYC | DADA NYC Blog

Bloodbath x B-Real Roll Up 4/20

The brothers at Bloodbath have teamed up with B-Real to commemorate 4/20 in style, the collabo will bring two tees and an great looking wooden grinder for your greenery. They also got photographer Michael Morales taking fantastic shots for the project lookbook which make the whole thing come alive. Peace to the homie Patrick from Bloodbath for sending this in, you can see the full lookbook after the jump. The collection will be available in limited quantities on... wait for it... 4/20!

"Bloodbath and B-Real (Cypress Hill) have crossed strains to commemorate this year's 4/20 celebration. Presenting two graphic tees and a custom wooden grinder, the pieces will be offered in the Bloodbath Online Shop as well as a handful of special retailers. The wooden grinders have imprints that host Buddhamaster and Bloodbath iconography, which are limited to 100 pieces.  The first tee echoes the same design as the grinder, and the other displays a big thumbprint textured with an image of the finest greens."


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Maxx Julian and Sincere Vega's 'sinAmaxx' Shines Bright

It has arrived! 'sinAmaxx' by Maxx Julian featuring the Florida Giant Sincere Vega is finally out, an uplifting Hip-Hop album that uses a Giant frame of mind on this collaboration in the best way. 'sinAmaxx' elevates the positive and contributes something important to the genre, with classic boom-bap and intelligent lyrics it doesn't feel like your chillin on the stoop of any regular ol emcee. The collaboration between a producer in Detroit and an emcee from Florida carries the true essence of what When Giants Meet is all about, I'm glad to see folks working together like this and come out with such a great outcome. Maxx Julian's sound is reminiscent of Madlibs where he has a particular sound to him mixing old and new with a dab of soul and it flows fantastic throughout the album, Personally I love Madlibs so I got NO problem digging this album at all. I love that intro and outro also the tracks One, Fly Definition, Mister Gone, Trouble, and She Say, overall it's an intelligent album that doesn't speak down to it's listeners and moves Hip-Hop towards a better light... I can get down with that.

Supreme x Playboy = Umm Ok

So everybody's favorite(?) designer street wear brand has come together with Hef and his Playboy brand for a few items. There is something still cool about the badboy image of wearing Playboy... ok fine that was back in the 80's. Supreme has some stuff coming out doning the rabbit logo but fails to actually create some kind of concept or NEWness and just seem like jackets, keychains and shirts you can find anywhere while paying a premium for... count me out. Not sure what they were planning to accomplish with this drop but it seems abit weak due to them not creating anything new or refreshing with both their brand power. Check out some more Spring/Summer collabo collection below.

*Put's fanboy flame suit on*

Premonition - Kingship feat. Silent Knight, Final Outlaw

Premonition has released the second installment of his ongoing project "Sum is Greater" which is a collaborative ideal that we fully support. He along with 2 other emcees (different for each track) will be dropping a track once a month for 10 months combining their efforts to bring us some good music. Recognizing that collaborations are more than just heads coming together and finding out that things can change, be learned, and affect your future while in the process. Also featured in this track is one of our favorites Final Outlaw, and Silent Knight with the cuts done by DJ M-tri and produced by Kon.

Also check out Premonition's 'Writer's Block video below.

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