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Everyone Loves Uncommon Burners 2

The Uncommon Records folks are back and this time they're celebrating their artists and fan base with the second installment of Uncommon Burners. The Uncommon Burner 2 features tracks from all of their current artists and features by Prince Po and billy woods, if you buy the cd version it comes with 8 extra tracks, a dual poster and a limited edition Uncommon America sticker. If you're really feeling the Orange Army vibe (which you should) go for the package that brings everything I already mentioned and the Uncommon Orange army flag tee, for other options visit their merchandise page too.

The music speaks for itself in volumes. Support the Uncommon troops!

3 Years... Word Is Bond Indeed

Many sites are born yearly and some perish just as fast but a select few stand ground and flourish to become a positive addition to the purpose. My blogther Jose of Word Is Bond is celebrating their 3rd anniversary with a compilation ($3) of that good Hip-Hop, I remember the beginnings and they have grown plenty especially with new writers and features. Let's raise a glass and celebrate with them to wish the site many more years of growth and positivity, you've been blessed with loyalty and readers... your set. Keep it going and don't stop my brother cause the team holds it down proper, stay about the music and it'll always be heaven above hell. Let's show them some love and support the craft and site with good music by purchasing it below!

3 is definitely a magic number so live, love, life.

Now a few words from the celebrated...

All of the above has been fueled by your readership and, to show appreciation, we’re releasing “The Magic Number” a compilation featuring WIB’s editors top picks of music posted over the last 12 months. For next year, we have a lot planned out already. As you know we like to keep things under wraps here at WIB and show it off once it’s ready – but believe us when we tell you that you guys are in for a year full of the dopest underground music around. Stick with us, you are in good hands.

As much as we’d like to make the compilation free, with popularity comes the high running costs of the site, so we had to mark the album at the low price of $3 to help with the running costs. I hope that everyone can enjoy and help Word Is Bond with a little donation, and in return get an excellent compilation.

We truly appreciate your readership, love and support, and whenever you can please raise a glass and pour one down for us here at WIB and yourselves, as without your readership we wouldn’t be in this privileged position.

Thanks for everything and here’s to another year full of potential, here’s to 2013!

The Word Is Bond Team

The Beginning And End Of A 'Cruel Summer'

So let me get this out before anything... I'm a big fan of the music that Kanye West releases, obviously I'm not talking nor will I about his baby moments in the public eye. Now having said that, I don't care for this whole "God" look that certain Hip-Hop artists (Kanye) now give off and yeah I get where it's coming from but I just don't dig. If you're on top of the world you don't have to keep reminding everyone "Hey look where I am!", it just feels like you're trying to force perception of yourself on me. On to the music. This album has a good amount of guilty pleasures but mainly due to its sound and has nothing at all to do with what's being said which isn't much at least to me. Kanye has moments of brilliance but then there are times where it's ok and catchy but ultimately doesn't do much. I feel I need to be a bit more critical due to this not being a free compilation/mixtape and something they want money for. For his past 2 productions I've had to sit on the albums for a few and warm up to them which end up cementing once again that he's a great talent IMO. Not sure if that's going to happen this time around, I'm not digging this whole "God Flow" higher than thou stuff. Did I enjoy "Cruel Summer"? I sure did. Was it because it broke new ground or made me have an epiphany? Nope, it's just enjoyable Hip-Hop with guilty pleasures here and there. I think it might even be a little much asking folks to shell out cash for a welcoming party from your label. My favorites are To The World, Mercy.1, The Morning and Higher, everything else especially 'Don't Like.1' can go fly south for a loooong winter. It was enjoyable yes but I find myself wondering if it's worth a purchase or do I feel confident enough recommending it for purchase and I can't... stream (MOG, Spotify etc.) it. You can preview the album below courtesy of Universal Music Backstage Germany.

Uncommon x Soap Box - No Dough, No Show Compilation

Uncommon Records formed this mixtape to go along with the Soap Box Clothing fall line and showcase the struggles that musicians go thru in their career. This is actually a pretty good concept and the message behind it is relative to every single person that considers themselves an artist of any kind. Recognition is always at a very high demand but we as creative want to get paid just like the rest of the people out there. Because of over-saturation or under appreciation many folks hand out freebies (I know I have!) in different forms of art to then not even get a cent back when the talent is there. One of the first times that I see a collective effort to support each other as craftsmen and get the message across that not everything in life is always for free especially someone's art.

The tracks sound even better now because of the relative theme haha. Nasa (Executive Producer) brings constant good music with each release that Uncommon Records puts out while giving a voice to many... gotta acknowledge what he's done with this project for sure. Everyone brings it honest and never pretentious or cocky, just asking for what should come with appreciation of their worth and I fully agree.  Soap Box did a great job with the tee design also, I'm definitely coping one today. Labors of love are still labor so go and cop the collabo tee below that they came out with also!