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Plexiglass Fountain 'Concrete Mythology' Marvels

With a name like Concrete Mythology (Year of the Dragon) you know this isn't gonna be just a rap album, it turns out (IMO) that Plexiglass Fountain's latest is a multi-layered dream soundtrack piece. Each release the dynamic duo of Tokyo Cigar and Cyclops has released thus far builds a higher tower than the last, it's cool to see the constant elevation the pairing has going on. What's interesting is that after the second release of the Plexiglass duo they've managed to create "a" sound, that's due to Tokyo's particular audio touch with Cyclops flow that if set apart it just wouldn't sound the same. Concrete Mythology is filled with tales and journeys in audio that will keep the dreamer afloat and the thinker pondering some more, an impressive outing once again for Plexiglass Fountain. Only thing I wished had more polish is the cover art in the Type treatment, nonetheless... I stay entertained. Name your price and support good music!