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Goa Gil Talks

This is an old video (2010) but the message carries on to many of us and will forever be relevant. Goa Gil for those that don't know is a very wise Trance DJ/supporter that believes in spiritual energy being passed thru with music and dance that which brings you closer to the Cosmic Spirit. I also believe that music has a higher level of spirituality and is not JUST music, in past rituals and ceremonies music has always played an important part which cannot be diminished. Besides playing 24hr sets (no joke) he is always on the quest for the "holy grail of music" that some of us are also after, this interview is a good refresher on how to approach life and your craft.

Om Namo Narayanaya!

Mexican Institute Of Sound Voiced For Mexico

MIS recently released the video for 'Mexico' right on time for the presidential elections, Camilo Lara (MIS) among the parents of the 49 that were killed in 2009 fire in Kindergarten (Guarderia ABC) at Hermosillo, Sonora as the thumps and tubas sway in the background as slow as the flags do. Wishing for a better Mexico and solidifying his stance on what the current status is on the country, also a demand for justice as they are always and should be constantly seeking. His new album (August 14 release) 'Politico' deals with the escalating violence and drug wars in Mexico and a personal experience, the 'Mexico' track has already started to cause discomfort among the Mexican media as well. He started to work on the album after he found out there was a huge seize in the house next to him where they fund 4 tons of C-4 ready to be detonated in some kind of attack... talk about too close for comfort! The only way things will change is if we start change from within and doing it with music is a great step forward to a brighter future.

Calle 13 Le Da 'La Vuelta Al Mundo'

The latest video by Calle 13 continues the positive growth they consistently keep having on their music and life. The title roughly translates to 'around the world' and is a uplifting view on living and how you live your life. He starts by stating 'don't gift me more books because I won't read them', pointing out using life as your guide and not some manual society sets for you. Playing out the ever present focus on not getting stuck in routine and becoming lifeless, but dream and make your paradise. Everyone has been there but it's nice to see it played out in a way that we have all thought or done at one point in our life. The beating drums and focus on maintaining your dreams then become eventually them is one that will never get old for me.

If interested in the English translation of the lyrics, click here.

A Calle 13 que sigan con sus mensajes de cultura y positividad, el cielo no es limite, pero solo otro nivel en que pasaran. Gracias por compartir otro viaje a un mundo en que muchos desean tener cojones en donde vivir.


SlumGods in Khirkee Village

[youtube][/youtube] The B-Boys SlumGods were in Delhi keeping Hip-Hop going with the old school essence on the walls and floors in the event Extension Khirkee, also the homie Mandeep Sethi provided the soundscape (Rafi Lights) to the video above. It's amazing to see the similarities from a house jam Sedgwick Avenue to Delhi on the same plane, this is what's soo powerful about Hip-Hop... it knows no country lines. Keep spreading the music and showcasing the rest of the pillars of Hip-Hop in India homies!

GUTS Mashup of Los Yoyi and Arrested Development

Another great submission, this one comes from Spain via GUTS and a interesting mashup between cuban group Los Yuyi and Arrested Development. These are one of those weird gems I would've never thought to be just because of the nature of both groups, but glad that GUTS got to it. See below what he has to say on this track.

"Here, a mash-up that should have been present in my last " Pura-Mixtape 5 " but the CD's timing of 80 minutes does not permit it to me. It's a mix between one of the most amazing Cuban tracks, Grupo Los Yoyi "El Fino" and the timeless' track of Arrested Development "Fishin '4 Religion"

The Pura-Mixtape 5 :"