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Curbside Jones Channeling JetLag

You know… I really like beats and albums that have a more personal and vivid personality over who’s in it or what equipment you used. Curbside Jones an emcee and producer that I can listen to forever and appreciate his sound for what it sounds and talks about in a natural setting besides writing about it. His upcoming project Another Sip consisting of 13 tracks which will be audio representations of his last trip to Japan, cool shit right? This is the first single and one more coming before he drops the Another Sip beat tape and a 100 page book titled the same, both tape and book will be dropping the same day (soon) and will be of limited run so keep your eyes open and vigilant.

Curbside Jones Wolves' Clothing 100% Sheepreme Cotton

Curbside Jones 80 hit combo with the mental floorbreak!
Will the sheep makes the clothes or with the clothes make the sheep... damn.
Curbside comes through with an EP that open the discussion of the sheep and wolf, a tale of adapting to them and rising as you. He touches on death, parenthood effects and what's expected of your masculinity while traveling thru sound bites and conversations with electric and soulful beats that bump, a very real and honest talk with his audience. Short n' sweet Wolves' Clothing makes you think, what if you acted like the wolf to in turn come out and evolve what a wolf is or perhaps redefine what it is to be a wolf? At least that's what I got from it and it sounds great. Props to Curbside for the honesty and the window into his mind. Peep the EP below and the animated video for Been Wolf.

WakeUpSuper! Yeah Super

Curbside Jones is back with boom baps n' bleeps and real life talk. Luckily I always know this dude brings his A game to every release, this EP is no different with everything being self produced and sounding dope. Personal fan, no bullshit, get with a purchase and n-n-now fight a new rival!

Third Strike was the shite on DC!

Almost Always 'Failed Utopia: The Trailer' & Singles

Almost Always is gearing up for 'Failed Utopia' to come out in July and have sent over their released singles package with trailer for the album. Loving the DIY attitude when it comes to this project, everything is done by them be it audio or video.  Download the singles if you haven't and check the trailer below.


Almost Always Wanting For 'She'

The Almost Always duo (Curbside Jones and Corey Arnell) has released the second single 'She' off the upcoming summer album 'Failed Utopia' and speaks on the thoughts of the perfect mental mate. Part of the human mind in always wishing for happiness and perfection deep down, it's good to see it put into a dope beat and chorus vocals (Jake Lloyd) that make it soar. The combination of both artists have gotten my recent attention and like how it's presented musically along with good visuals, seems like they have found a really good balance from both. I will be posting any information on the upcoming album when appropriate so stay tabbed, also peep out the first single 'Hot Chicks x Arcade Sticks (Round 2)' from 'Failed Utopia' and stay current.