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Ooooh KABOOOM! Another dope ass album by Zilla Rocca and Curly Castro now as Grift Company in their new LP #TooManySecrets. They got the goodfellas on there like Dr. Quandary and Willie Green beats plus features like the ever dope Open Mike Eagle and more! Anytime these men get together and forge those tracks made of beatanium, the would should shake and artists should tremble… always amazing. Snag it up today and rock the homies like we always do.

Zilla Rocca's 'Nights & Weekends' Last Longer Than That

I would like to first start this review by saying that Zilla Rocca keeps surprising me with the wealth of sounds the more I listen to his music. There is a peculiar sound and touch of care into what makes a Zilla Rocca track, they are usually laced with a thin film of dust all over and ice cubes melting into a glass of single barrel bourbon. It's that unmistakable Noir-Hop that he is known for and excels in each release, bringing us closer to the modern urban take of trench coats flapping in the wind and a scuffed Colt Detective Special .38 that's been around the block a few times. This album isn't just a regular Hip-Hop album, it seeps with visions of a different time accompanied by long shadows and seedy characters that deserves it's own space in music. I'm not going to base my review on technicalities and samples because well... I'm no producer, but I can base my review off what I hear and see when heard. The album starts with Creme De Menthe and soothes it's way into a damp yet sexy low lit bar with scantly clad smokes walking about. It continues it's wet cobblestone journey thru dark alleys and broken windows while displaying ther versatility of verses from Zilla Rocca, Has-Lo, Curly Castro, My Man Shafe and Nex Millen. It all plays out great and gives higher hopes that Hip-Hop can and will find more in it's vision and imagination than "chillin' on the block" rap. Dr. Quandary makes a producer appearance in "Full Spectrum" which takes you to a backroom dim lit card game filled with smoke and egos at play while Zilla lays it all out and shows a straight flush. In "New Year's Eve 2003" you are taken into the mind of Rocca and vivid twists in his dreams, he spits it and feels as if you were there along with him that night. At the end you are surprised with a remix of "Full Spectrum" by the dope Man Mantis, specks of dust fly around in the triangular top lit areas emitting soft rays of yellow. Ok so I believe by now you got the idea that I really love this album due to the cinematic portrayal of everything involved, it's amazing when an element starts to take shape before your eays and in your mind and this album does that.

So should you buy it? Hell yes and while you're at it thank the man in the process. This is what I mean when you read my tweets about Hip-Hop having more thought and imagination applied to the basic formula. By the way "Vaguely Jamaican Part 2" reminds me of the Gorillaz sound and it's lovely. An amazing effort from all involved and Zilla Rocca, the man is paying his dues and leaving a hefty tab behind for the help so pay attention.

Purchase: iTunes, Bandcamp

Wrecking Crew and Associated Minds Bring 'The Heat' (American Language Remix)

Once in a while a track comes along with the force of a tornado and knocks ya down a few. This is that song and another great example of what happens for real When Giants Meet, in this track we got the Wrecking Crew consisting of Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, Has-Lo(Mellow Music Group)  and UK Hip-Hop collective Associated Minds produced by PLO. I have already learned to expect nothing but GOOD music when someone from Three Dollar Pistol Music is involved and now finding out who Associated Minds is and what they are capable of... it's a must get. No need to write fluff, just listen below and you'll see for yourself. Giants universal indeed.

Starkey - Holodeck Ft. Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro

Starkey, Zilla Rocca, and Curly Castro together in a DOPE track that just made me lose what I was going to write about it haha. I don't know much about Dubstep but I know what I like and this space infused track is a good one, you get mind visuals and all with it. Love the way the beat sounds like a fights about to start in Star Trek or when it's about to get real for some folks on the opposing team. I'll let the track speak for itself because it's better heard than talked about. If this is what dubstep sounds like then count me in!

*Door opens* SHIIIIIFPT!

As the three men stood there wiping purple blood off their faces, everybody runs for the doors... it all goes into a magenta-blue slow-mo sequence while lazers beam and people scream. Smile on their faces. *thumbs up*

Zilla Rocca's Bad Weather Classic... Soundtrack Worthy

Ok I gotta say I LOVE the feel of this album, it's stormy, wet cobblestone streets, upper level evil doer, getting ready to bomb music. Zilla Rocca's "Bad Weather Classic" maintains such a stark and violently pleasant sound with lyrics that don't fail to impress with tales of running, loss, and pummeling opponents that will have you nodding like a madman while listening to it. The EP does it's job extremely well and works best thru headphones in your travels or blasting at home, never at low volume please as it takes away from the album and that's just plain ol wack. Presented by Three Dollar Pistol Music, I am definitely starting to digg the artists that they bring forth. One of my new favorites indeed... and the cover art is dope.