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Plexiglass Fountain 'Concrete Mythology' Marvels

With a name like Concrete Mythology (Year of the Dragon) you know this isn't gonna be just a rap album, it turns out (IMO) that Plexiglass Fountain's latest is a multi-layered dream soundtrack piece. Each release the dynamic duo of Tokyo Cigar and Cyclops has released thus far builds a higher tower than the last, it's cool to see the constant elevation the pairing has going on. What's interesting is that after the second release of the Plexiglass duo they've managed to create "a" sound, that's due to Tokyo's particular audio touch with Cyclops flow that if set apart it just wouldn't sound the same. Concrete Mythology is filled with tales and journeys in audio that will keep the dreamer afloat and the thinker pondering some more, an impressive outing once again for Plexiglass Fountain. Only thing I wished had more polish is the cover art in the Type treatment, nonetheless... I stay entertained. Name your price and support good music!

Cyclops Channels Life in "Rap Scott Summers"

Cyclops is one of the most lyrically honest emcees I've heard and he has a new project out by the name 'Rap Scott Summers' produced entirely by Tokyo Cigar (Win!), it continues his soul searching clashing with lifes up and downs while maintaining what it takes to be labeled a great album. I am glad that more people are paying attention to Cyclops now, the album is hosted by DJ Jay Skillz and sponsored by Rock the Dub, Definition DJ's and Y Not My Dream so you know this isn't an album to pass on. Relating to Cyclops rhymes is easy because we all have these thoughts of grandeur and times of failure, certain songs like 'Exhaust, Identify, Going Nowhere Fast' and 'Fascination' show that this emcee is grounded and well aware of lifes issues while dealing with. Tokyo Cigar as usual delivers production on par with the best of them, I think he even channeled some Rza 'Liquid Swords' power in the banging track "Say Your Prayers"!All some people need is a platform and if given the right opportunity you will see them shine brighter than they ever have, that is exactly what went on in this album. Another piece that I am proud to have posted and have you all check it out, it deserves to get a through listen because it sounds fantastic. Peace to Tokyo for creating another crazy project and Cyclops for forever gaining ground in his craft. Yes... this is Hip-Hop.

Cyclops Wants You to 'Sit Back and Laugh'

[youtube][/youtube] The homie Cyclops just released the video for 'Sit back and Laugh' off of 'the dope Tokyo Cigar produced 'When Inspiration Hits'. I always felt more of a personal attachment to certain lyrics and something made a bell go off in this video... Real life shite right here. If you haven't peeped the album yet, check below for a listen and hit that download!

Cyclops 'When Inspiration Hits' Review

Cyclops is back with 'When Inspiration Hits' and accompanying him thru this journey is the talented Tokyo Cigar on beats. I've always felt that Cyclops has that wintery Hip-Hop hoodie feel to it, soo much this time around that this album bleeds of the winter time when cut. Always touching on topics that impact all our lives and bringing the honesty and consciousness that we all need to have while trying to survive, it makes you think and know that there is more effort being poured into lyrics. If your new to both Cy and Tok welcome to good music and open that mind up, I know you'll enjoy your stay the entire time. 'When inspiration Hits' is an album that gets better with each listen and you will end up discovering angles and sounds that you didn't hear before.

This is yet another example of the growing quality in Hip-Hop that is being released weekly if not daily. Everything that these two create always seem to have another level that can be reached if you just open that mind a little more. Cinematic in sound and lyrics relevant to many this album touches different levels of thought, the beats give it that extra push and manifest a world of it's own while sucking you into it. The total package includes guest Emcees that do their thing and add to Cyclops vision in a great way, always delivering the message while not getting lost in the passage. Stay tuned for the further completion of Tokyo Cigar's Triple Crown of Rap as it has only begun with the excellent introductory album from Cyclops.

Buy the album below!

Cyclops - Sit Back and Laugh

Giant fam Cyclops is back with some new music for you all and surfacing the fuel people use to do what they do on "Sit Back and Laugh", also the passion he himself has for the game. Production by Tokyo Cigar so it's all the way on point, meaningful lyrics go a long way and to have the sounds of a beats mood wizard will always produce a great track. The track "Stone Cold" features Notion and is also another audio testimonial to where Cyclops is right now. Feeling a throwback in this track and it's all good, Notion did his thing on this track too with a chill yet sure on his skill delivery. Keep 'em coming Cyclops you got the right message and delivery is a no brainer thumbs up.

And yes I am digging the cover... I likes that shot.