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Forever (Not) Young/Foolish/21?

WGM_OlderThere he goes singing 'bout chains again... all they talking about is beating someone up... that guns n' hoes type of lyrics are null and void... must we talk about cocaine like a kid talks about chocolate? That Bruno Mars song doesn't sound that bad right? What's going on?! Oh shit did I just get old?

Well it's official I'm old. Few are the days where I can kick back and enjoy some ig'nant music on purpose, if the beat is good enough or groups old (Wu) enough then I'll stick around but rare is the case. I've come to this conclusion after a few listens (albeit not serious) of T.I, Big Boi and Wiz Khalifas new albums including a few other non mainstream acts, I just don't enjoy it or feel alienated when listening to this type of stuff. I don't see musical growth if what your rhyming about in your debut album is the same in your 3rd or 4th outing, it can be the same type of material I guess but if you're stuck like a broken record I'm out. Is this a sign of growing up and being some kind of adult or a lack lyrical substance now more than ever? I'm going to say it might be a little of both because I can still sit down and enjoy anything good thats put out, I'm enjoying Wu Block with no problem as I speak errr... type and we all know what Ghostface is about.

It can also be that there are some many acts now that their personalities are as strong as dollar store paper plates holding a big ass piece of pernil, many acts blend together and don't contribute nothing more than just a new hook for the radio or are too gimmicky. I tend to find myself keeping to my "oldies" and some truly fantastic music (read all of WGM) from more level-headed indie artists, I have also reconciled with pop music and have come to terms on its purpose in this world haha. Yeah I said it earlier I enjoyed Bruno Mars ('Locked Out Of Heaven') because his music is catchy and i think the guy actually has talent. You know what tho? He can sing, dance, has style (maybe not all him) and actually performs, yes the long-lost importance of musicians and artists performing and giving a show seems to live on somehow.

I can sit and have a conversation about different types of music and eras easy but one thing I can't talk or relate to is any of this Rick Ross type stuff or that Waka mess. When I take the time out to listen to an album and all I hear are things said years ago by better emcees it turns into a skip and what's next mood. While working I tried to listen to T.I.'s latest and was let down to hear the veteran rapper still talking about how much his chain costs, you're flying around in private jets and this is what ya got? Oh I hear you smoke... album progress lacks in weed raps already but if you must then I'm expecting some D12 Purple Hills type stuff, it seems like Wiz recorded these tracks when he was about to go to bed with a head full of 'Tussin.

Seriously folks it's all glory for ya when its great music but when you constantly feed your audience now the same shtick you did 5 years ago... you might lose some. Give it some heart, work on those lyrics and make it your own. I can respect an emcee tons more when they make up words and stories than when all they do is go small-minded literal on us and it doesn't even sound good. After all is said and done I know everything has its purpose but man are these chain/car/drug raps getting lame, it's been done to death but if you want to try then create something new around it.

Regardless of everything I said let's stay hopeful and maybe one day Pusha T stops rhyming about coke... Oh yeah get off my lawn you pesky kids!

Check out the cowlick! /Rant