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WGM - I Wish I Could Scuba Mixtape

Welcome to another installment of WGM's experimental sound tapes, this time around we are gearing up for the heat with some chill tracks to welcome the waters and everything that the summer weather may bring. The concept starts with the flows of tracks ranging from swimming around to scuba diving and even setting the mood of eating at the beach and partying it up at night. Little random fact for my Giants... the cover is made of two photographs I took while in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Aquarium last year. I hope you all like the tape as it was fun creating it and there will be more! When Giants Meet - I Wish I Could Scuba Mixtape by WGMeets

Mediafire Link

Tracklist: 1 - Sea Things - Windowpane 2 - Work Drugs - Rad Racer (Take It Easy Dean Jagger Remix) 3 - Atilla - Beat So Fresh 4 - Cibelle - Sereia, Amor d' Agua (Remake) 5 - Plaid - This City Is Hell 6 - Datahowler - Ghosts Inside Live 7 - Mongo Santamaria - Un Dia de Playa ( A Day At The Beach) 8 - Barrington Levy - Moonlight Lover 9 - Los Amigos Invisibles - Bruja (MAW Full Vocal Mix) 10 - Beck - Que' Onda Guero (Remixed by Islands)

Datahowler Live and Direct

WGM favorite chill space cadet Datahowler released a live album of his performance in Club Dada on January of this year. The album sounds funky, classy, and spacey goodness as usual... sounding not from this time but a place where the palm trees wave, white suits with open button shirts, and color bleeding skies reign supreme. A cool mashup of a Busta track has a welcome to the party chill vibe, and a few tracks from the 'Slowdrifter' album done live. Always a good one...

Datahowler orbits space with 'Slowdrifter'

Outer space is a place where rockets and satellites orbit, atoms spark, gases and objects propel against each other creating stars, planets, colorful streaks of light and silent noise... yes no one can hear you scream when there too. Datahowler has managed to fit this in a 14 track body of work where it provides an audio experience into the unknown, and provides a soundtrack to your voyage. An amazing feeling of no gravity and sounds that make you visualize what it would feel like to be amongst the stars, impressive in structure and composition with everything being played by Datahowler himself makes this album much more loved. Inspired by "1950s science fiction aesthetic" 'Slowdrifter' has nailed it and reached the point of galaxy nirvana in my ears. The way it all melts together and plays out like a movie while tracks becoming some of your favorite beats is too good. Not much music has come out that comes this close to giving you your own personal trip to space while sounding this good. I can't honestly pick a favorite track because as a whole it just works and never feel that a track has brought the experience down. The album provides 14 scenes for you, some sounding very different yet cohesive. Super happy to be a part of the Datahowler Kickstarter I am dying to get my CD and cassette of the project, but the digital album will do for now! Giving me visions of tin rockets, video game shooters, ray guns, shiny astronaut suits, little green men, and Hubble telescope vision this is an album that I recommend to all my space Giants looking to escape the earth we walk on.

I chose to not compare this album to others because it's on a rocket of it's own and it's experience warrants just that.

Purchase 'Slowdrifter now at iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon. If you want to hear the album see below.

Datahowler - Dazees

Datahowler just released the second single off of 'Slowdrifter', an exciting project that comes out on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Rhapsody on January 25th, 2011. I can't wait to get the stuff I ordered from the Kickstarter project for this album, I'm even getting a cassette of the album! This new track is made with "lots of love," has absolutely no samples on it and all instruments are played by Datahowler himself. Instruments used are the Guitar, Korg Polysix, Roland Juno G, Vocals, Piano, Bongos, Bass, Claves, Wood Blocks and Triangle... pretty crazy spacy if you ask me. The track stays true to the great sound he has crafted for the album and follows the first single 'Prophet.'

You can still support the album and get some good stuff if you pledge HERE.

Dazees by Datahowler

Datahowler - Prophet

Prophet is the first leak off the upcoming 'Slowdrifter' album by Datahowler. This space infused track with dream-like audio and captivating drums is a great example of what's to come. Datahowler is releasing this album on January 25th describing it as "...14 songs of my exploration into space and 1950s sci-fi aesthetic," making it a unique journey that many fear to make and come out sounding so well. hats off to you homie for doing your thing, and trying something different!

Support his Kickstarter project page for more goodies when the album releases. You can even get a cassette version of 'Slowdrifter'!