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Venomous and His Deadly 30 in "A Moment To Reflect Vol. 2"

My initial thought when I read Venomous was going to have a new album was "Awwwwww shit!" and it went way beyond that once I listened to it. This album/compilation has a total of 30 tracks (skits included) and never felt like it was too much or dragged after the almost hour and a half listening point. Besides having an amazing amount of emcees present it also brought the WGM ideal in place perfectly, everyone worked together and created this thing... this powerful orb of Hip-Hop that is able to blow speakers and bring the most cynical Hip-Hop fan to the all mighty head-nod. From local NJ Hip-Hop heroes to international artists (look at the top tags!), Venomous has sprinkled the magic dust on this compilation and my God does it go well. I can't and won't go into full detail because this is something that HAS to be heard, just know that this feels like the Hip-Hop Super Friends defending what's right and mowing over all who oppose like true Giants. There are new songs and a few that we've heard before but weren't in an album, perfect additions to a fantastic album that will be worth your 10.99 if I say so myself. A Giant salute to those involved in this project, everything sounds great and your mission is complete!

I will do more analyzing of certain tracks in the near future to bring to light a few things so look out for that.

Rasheed Chappell 'Future Before Nostalgia' Listening Session

On April 16th I was invited to attend the 'Future Before Nostalgia' listening session for Rasheed Chappell at Blackflag Shoppe in Clifton, NJ. I got to say that I'm proud of the guy, after the work being put in and seeing it first hand has been a pleasure. It was a night filled with friends and family supporting what's good, the pouring rain had no effect on the turnout cause it was PACKED! Shortly after I got there Eddie B Swift took to the wheels of steel, then DJ Mell Starr ripped it and made me miss house parties even more. K.O.N. along with Silent Knight were hosting the event and kept things lively and moving nicely too. I was going to take my camera but I was already outside, forgot it and rain was pouring down, don't regret it tho because I would've just been snapping away without trying to listen well as that was the main purpose of the event. Granted I have already heard a good amount of what was being worked on (shhhhh) for 'Future Before Nostalgia', Kenny Dope (Legendary DJ producing the project) kept it fresh because I heard some newness that night and as usual it was... Dope. The vibe was great and a good testament to those who are in the climb of the Hip-Hop ladder. I remember getting the first submission from Marcus for Rasheed and thinking "ahh this might be kinda wack" not sure why I thought that but I can safely say that he is one of the dopest emcees I've ever had the pleasure to work with, post and know. The turnout was fantastic, vibe was dope, even his parents showed up and that's something special right there.

Besides the good music flowing and 'Sheed doing his thing, I ran into DefDom and had a cool ass convo with the brother. Also Venomous, Rhymageddon, and the homie RSG showed up and supported the emcee, fans, sites and artists came together that night. I can't wait to see what Kenny and Rasheed deliver in the final cuts on this album. The people been waiting 'Sheed and it's finally happening, dare I say it... about damn time!!!!

Check out the first installment of Rasheed's 'Capturing The Moment'. See what he has to say on this video project:

"I have teamed up with the good people of Good Market Ent. to bring you a chronicle of my life & music. As we come to the completion of Future Before Nostalgia (Produced By Kenny Dope). I wanted to provide an inside look into the life, music and all the places in between that this journey has taken me on."


I would've posted this sooner but I was on my way to China the following day! So yes I have pictures coming up for you guys hehe.

Pardon The Stranger - That's Why

Pardon The Stranger has released another track as promised. Continuing the great flow started by their earlier release 'Around The Corner' it seems like it can only get better after this, they have gained a new follower of their music and most definitely rep Jersey right. If I keep getting music like this I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to stay away from the mainstream or known artists and solely rely on locals for good music.

[audio: PTS-TW.mp3] Download: Pardon The Stranger - That's Why

Pardon The Stranger - Around the Corner

Jersey's Pardon The Stranger (DefDom & Kendal Good) just released a new track and coming out from a bit of hibernation, bringing the aural relaxation for your ears... it sounds 'o soo good. Painting a scene of floating primary colors and explosive slo-mo space DefDom creates more ear candy to accompany Kendal's soulful outpouring. Can't wait to see what else is in store from PTS!

[audio: PTS-ATC.mp3] Download: Pardon The Stranger - Around The Corner