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Dewey & Friends High on Art

If you've been following the Dewey Decibel appreciation here then you know this dude is about that art, well him and his friends got some art drank in and now engulfed in visions. See what happens when they take to the streets 'High on Art'. This track is off the 'Son of a Beach' album and continues to show how much he works on his craft both lyrically and visually. Dope indeed.

Dewey Decibel... What a Son of a Beach

Dewey Decibel's 'Son of a Beach' is out and continues the feel good Hip-Hop that consistently keeps it positive. It starts with his roots and ends with one of his loves, a short but Giant 5 track EP shines the suns ray and lets the right light in. The 'Taj Mahal' along with 'What You Are' (Ricky Radio is awesome) tracks are my favorites and can continuously listen to 'em with no problem, the EP overall is a dope mix of skater surfer mixed in with Hip-Hop without him sounding like a backpacking scenester. Out on Bold New Breed Records and in iTunes, so you should go and cop yours now. Trust that you won't regret that $3.99 spent, preview the sounds by listening to 'Taj Mahal' below.

Dewey Decibel's 'What You Are'

Another impressive video outing by Dewey Decibel along with Ricky Radio for the 'What You Are' track off his upcoming Son of a Beach project at Bold New Breed Records, it'll have you feeling good as the guitar strums while the scenery plays out. I can always appreciate Dewey's sound, it has that certain knack for thinking and trying to bring out the best within yourself.

Zilla Rocca & 'Friends Go 'Full Spectrum 2' like this just flat out make me happy. Zilla Rocca, Has-Lo, Open Mike Eagle  & Dr. Quandary with Dewey Decibel on the title artwork. Hip-Hop magic right here. The beat fantastic, the visuals great, the vision unstoppable. Be sure to check out "Full Spectrum EP" below and show some support.

Dewey Decibel Got 'Love'

Now if the homie D.Decibel doesn't have one of the first summer jams of 2012 already then... I must be crazy 'cause this track shines bright. This is the first single off his upcoming EP 'Son of a Beach' and being produced by Rick Friedrich of The Philadelphia Record Company. You can download the song below, the EP will be dropping late summer so stay tabbed to WGM to find out what we think!