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Dr. Quandary's WIP: Schala's Song

Here's some work in progress sounds by Dr. Quandary for the follow-up to 'The Dioscuri' with Louis Mackey. Quandary's beats always seem to inhabit their own world and envelops your senses, this is yet another good example of where his sound elevates to and this isn't even finished yet. A haunting melodic guitar by Brian Fink gets the treatment which sounds fantastic over the beat. It's always good when a track or song can take you there or make you see things, that's when you know they are truly crafting something special and that's what I'm getting. A Giant thank you goes out to the doc for sharing.

Man Mantis Sends His 'Sea Ambulance'

Man Mantis has released his latest EP 'Sea Ambulances' which features an experimental sound with downtempo eclectic Hip-Hop instrumentals. Besides having one of the best names out there, his music carries itself well over the typical sound you expect to hear from someone that makes beats. A breath of fresh air in anything is always welcomed and Man Mantis delivers on that level, while setting itself apart from a regular instrumental EP. 'Teacups of Our Ashes' sounds like it has a sample from the movie 'Mac and Me' (You know the McDonald's movie?) which makes it even more amusing even if it isn't so hehe. Check out the EP below and download it, so you can take the audio goodness anywhere you go.