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The Jake's "Dream Season" EP Rises Above

Recently put out by rock the dub records, The Jake has managed to bring out this dope EP with much loved soulful head nodding production and enlisted some talented artists to boot. The "Dream Season" oozes that laid-back soul bumping Hip-Hop that I continue to love, and it starts off with a great song featuring TWICE on aspiring dreams and growth in life which sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the EP. Much more than just "raps" and bars, it speaks to you with The Jake's beats and their classic repeat worthy sound. I can see myself listening to this in the early morning, chilling while talking or driving, it also lends itself very well to rainy days when all you wanna do is 'lax. I'm gonna get outta here now, I gotta go delete this promo copy, head to iTunes ($3.99!!) and support the brother for a great EP. For a track preview hear the "The Flyness" track below which features J.Gunn, Rhymageddon, Classical The Great, & Diablo Archer!

[audio: TJ-TF.mp3]