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Moombahton Massive IX EP

MBIX_CvrSchlachthofbronx, Sabo, and Nadastrom have just put together a 3 tracks piece to celebrate their 3 city (Washington DC, Brooklyn, Miami) and... it... bangs. Short and sweet at 9 minutes and some change but never underestimate the power of bass, this'll have you cranking the volume higher and higher as it plays. Below are the dates of their shows, enjoy!

Jan 22nd at U-Hall, Washington DC Jan 23rd at Output Club, Brooklyn, NY Jan 24th at Grand Central, Miami

The Jake's "Dream Season" EP Rises Above

Recently put out by rock the dub records, The Jake has managed to bring out this dope EP with much loved soulful head nodding production and enlisted some talented artists to boot. The "Dream Season" oozes that laid-back soul bumping Hip-Hop that I continue to love, and it starts off with a great song featuring TWICE on aspiring dreams and growth in life which sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the EP. Much more than just "raps" and bars, it speaks to you with The Jake's beats and their classic repeat worthy sound. I can see myself listening to this in the early morning, chilling while talking or driving, it also lends itself very well to rainy days when all you wanna do is 'lax. I'm gonna get outta here now, I gotta go delete this promo copy, head to iTunes ($3.99!!) and support the brother for a great EP. For a track preview hear the "The Flyness" track below which features J.Gunn, Rhymageddon, Classical The Great, & Diablo Archer!

[audio: TJ-TF.mp3]

You Get a Track and You Get A Track and You Get A Track!!!

Alright something's going on and even tho I benefit from it, I believe it hurts the music industry... Hip-Hop specifically. I have always felt that this genre has non-stop releases from the same artist and sometimes you barely have time to sit and appreciate what has been released already. Don't get me wrong, I love free music and those emails I get daily but sometimes you have to do a double take to see if the email is from that same person who sent something a few days ago. I understand the whole concept of staying in the loop and constant in the public eye amongst sites and peers, but if your going to be releasing tracks in such frequency why not just make an album/EP/mixtape out of it already? I personally think that artist would look more like they have their craft and presentation together, and not just someone that knows how to upload to hulkshare/mediafire or anything else the kids are using nowadays. Constant rotation is harder to come by and artists aren't necessarily making memorable music that stays with you after you listen to it, there are some yes... but few. Which was the last album you bought that stood out amongst the ones you currently listened to and no matter what keep going back? Mine is Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' I don't know if it's because they spread their album releases out a good time, or it's the precious appreciation I have for them not dousing me with tracks here and there until they can come out with an album. Yes comparing Radiohead to indie Hip-Hop artists isn't really fair but it relates in the sense that good music needs to be appreciated and if the artists believe that much in their skill as they say, they will compile the best and bring it forth... not one by one day, week after week but in a complete cohesive bundle of musical love. Also cover art... VERY important as I think it adds or takes away from the "vision" you all are trying to represent, a little more effort or actually paying someone to do it might just be worth it folks.