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Step Right Up, PremRock's Here!

In what has to be one of the most recent cool concepts for a new project, PremRock will be releasing a Tom Waits inspired/re-imagining album entitled "Mark's Wild Years" and in his first single he pokes fun at our beloved consumerism. He rhymes fast and smart while hitting the economic slump/bump right in the jaw, making him the perfect Clark Stanley Elixir salesman in present times. The song samples Tom Waits thought provoking song by the same name 'Step Right Up', where the same jabs and jokes still exist today and maybe more-so. Check the track below and you can have it for a measly $Free.99! Looking forward to the rest of this project for sure.

King Ra's 'I Gotta get Paid' Speaks For The People

[youtube][/youtube] Jersey homie King Ra got a new video out for 'I Gotta Get Paid' and it shows exactly where many of us are at this moment in life. A dope track by M.W.P and the cuts by DJ Hush fused with Ra's lyrics that speak to all and level with ya, another Jersey emcee to watch and support. You can also buy the track below.