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Venomous and His Deadly 30 in "A Moment To Reflect Vol. 2"

My initial thought when I read Venomous was going to have a new album was "Awwwwww shit!" and it went way beyond that once I listened to it. This album/compilation has a total of 30 tracks (skits included) and never felt like it was too much or dragged after the almost hour and a half listening point. Besides having an amazing amount of emcees present it also brought the WGM ideal in place perfectly, everyone worked together and created this thing... this powerful orb of Hip-Hop that is able to blow speakers and bring the most cynical Hip-Hop fan to the all mighty head-nod. From local NJ Hip-Hop heroes to international artists (look at the top tags!), Venomous has sprinkled the magic dust on this compilation and my God does it go well. I can't and won't go into full detail because this is something that HAS to be heard, just know that this feels like the Hip-Hop Super Friends defending what's right and mowing over all who oppose like true Giants. There are new songs and a few that we've heard before but weren't in an album, perfect additions to a fantastic album that will be worth your 10.99 if I say so myself. A Giant salute to those involved in this project, everything sounds great and your mission is complete!

I will do more analyzing of certain tracks in the near future to bring to light a few things so look out for that.

Venomous2000 'The Most Efficient' Official Video

[youtube][/youtube] My God this album IS crazy, wait till you all get the dose... 'The Most Efficient' is the newest single off Venomous2000's "A Moment To Reflect II" which features some of NJ illest emcees (CyMarshall Law, John Robinson, El Da Sensei) in one place, then you'll see why the tracks title speaks volumes. I am going to be reviewing this title soon and will be commenting upon one of the biggest releases of Venomous' career. For now enjoy the video and watch that head nod... your dome might just fall off if you let it.