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Music Recently Added, Dale Play On That

Ok so the highly anticipated album from Rasheed Chappell 'Future Before Nostalgia' has been out for a few days and it is an amazing collaboration between Rasheed and Kenny Dope, I will have a review for this album up soon so keep a look out. I can honestly recommend this album before the full review... it's that good. Boom Bap and true lyricism is in raw form from Chappell and the Dope man has brought the best of what we are missing in Hip-Hop beats now. I'm loving the album and I knooooow you will too if you like Hip-Hop Check it out on iTunes! My music brother from another mother D recently told me about Muhsinah and I had to download that 'Gone' EP, I heard good things about this artist and any association with Flying Lotus is good enough for me! You can download it for free off her shop. Recently got into the Steve Martin's Bluegrass albums and bought the latest one 'Rare Bird Alert' which is a first for me, I've liked bluegrass before but never to actually purchase it and now I have.

This Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra 'Ayodegi' album is another true surprise for me like Gagadilo, they are a French band and when I tell you these guys sound fantastic oh man... they take you there. I will be doing a review for this soon as well so stay tuned(tabbed) to WGM for that. I'm a big Björk supporter and somehow this fell under my radar (yrs ago) so all late I am finally getting around to hearing it, a compilation of different artists for a tribute to her 'Post' album. It has some familiar faces and even a WGM favorite El Guincho from Spain makes an appearance, if you're interested in downloading it you can get it here.

Obviously I have some listening to do, hope you guys follow along and let me know what you guys think on Twitter!

Peace and stay Giant.