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Elhae's Aura (II) Is Shining

If... you... don't... want... DRAMA, get with this Elhae Aura II 'cause it's well worth your 3AM after a wild party night or just wanna lay back and enjoy some of that good heart to heart R&B soul. I've praised Elhae before several times and what he's been consistent with while still being himself is elevating his sound on each and every next project. This is what good R&B should sound like right now without the cheesy bullshit, he also has a good balance of Hip-Hop in this project as well and it doesn't take away from the overall feeling of Aura II. A bit late to the album party since this came out in April but good music has no expiration or limit and this album I highly recommend to folks that like good music and don't mind that good love love in it.
Listen to the album below and make sure to show the homie support by buying/streaming it and let him know what you think. He's also going to be in Miami for SoulLit in August so go check him out live and get those tickets! See below for info.

Elhae's 'Champagne Wishes' Living High

E_CWI've been talking about Elhae for a bit and as usual note how he keeps rising even more with each album release, with 'Champagne Wishes' it's no different and he's got a few major guests to round out the production. This time there's a good stir up in the force with features by Rick Ross, Tory Lanez and Gunplay from the Maybach Music Group, someone is definitely noticing what I've been saying all along. While I don't really have the MMG folks in my daily listens, I can appreciate it when it has some more soul to it and this is where 'Champagne Wishes' continues to emit it's radiancy. I enjoyed this album a good deal and happy to see that Elhae's elevation is focused and constant, it has moments of chill while some tracks you just wanna blast with the windows down as you ride. From All Away, Zonin', Gotta Live, Late Night Lights, Roc the Mic and Gold Rolex, this album has a certain sound that's specific to Elhae which helps confirm his space and sound he's going for.

When listening to Hip-Hop I've never been a fan of repetition with chorus chants, so 'Real Nigga' and 'I Want it All' fell a bit due to this but I can see how it fits into that type of track. He slightly shifted his sound into a heavier bass and high-class feel that's easily enjoyed, it doesn't come off Hova'ish (yep)... kudos on that. A 'Toast' to Elhae for constant elevation with brighter lights, keep pushing cause the work is paying off.

Listen to the 'All Away' track featuring Rick Ross and Tory Lanez below and get that free album download here.

Elhae Sends 'The Letters'

The highly anticipated return of Elhae has finally arrived with 'The Letters', another journey deeper into the mind which brings questions and wonders of relationships also overall life. A big yet non-damaging difference to note is that he has other producers in this project, a different direction as his usual self produced previous albums but it still feels like an Elhae album. I've always thought he has found a personal musical niche for himself and the latest project serves as another gem in the crown (Still Got It) belonging to his future, an enjoyment to hear thru headphones, in your car or by yourself in the house bumming around... it somehow always adapts to your environment. One of the differences and a reason why I like his music is that his lyrics don't feel cocky or always self-boasting, he gives you an open door (sounds honest) to what his life is and still sounds great. From piano keys lightly paving the song to soulful harmonies play throughout, even certain songs that will catch you vibing out summertime style once they come on, the album feels organic and a great music experience. 'The Letters' short and sweet at 10 tracks with 1  interlude doesn't over stay it's welcome and keeps Elhae fresh on the ear waiting for more. In the end rack it up to another fantastic album that will be on constant rotation on my iPhone and should be in yours as well, straight up good music always needs a good home and I suggest you pick this one up. I still can't believe good music like this is given away daily for free... totally legit sounds with good production for the music fans is at a good high right now.

Elhae Intros 'The Letter'

[youtube][/youtube]Remember that Elhae guy I keep talking about on here? He is getting ready to release his new album tomorrow entitled 'The Letters' on his Bandcamp. Stay tuned here for the review tomorrow and check out the intro video they created for 'The Letters', it seems like he is going towards a more personal route and perhaps his latest journey in sound. He recently opened up for Diggy Simmons and has found a whole slew of new fans, so this should be an exciting new step for the artist as well.