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Dewey Decibel's #BoomboxBookworm Vibes Out

To start off I didn't expect for an album from a Philly emcee that goes by Dewey Decibel (Emcee Unless) and attached art to sound soo laid back and west coast, it works in an awesome way and makes you just wanna chill along from beginning to end. It has a weird yet fitting mix of boom bap flow and chill instrumental with red purple and orange sunset visions gleaming off cars with that smooth wind flowing. Produced entirely by Eligh of Living Legends, he sets the stage for the chill ride that lies ahead. Dewey's lyrics have interesting word weaving when at first you don't know where he'll come from then ends up interwoven nicely with the natural flow of the project. Overall I enjoyed the tape a good deal, it really did make me want to head back to Cali and chill but there was a hint of chorus repetition which moved me the wrong way like "watch me disappear like Richard Gear." Thankfully this is but a teeny bump in the road of the #BoomboxBookworm experience, this album is a valiant effort from Dewey Decibel which also shows that east and west coast Hip-Hop can coexist and complement each other in a good way.

An alluring and cohesive album with cool artwork and a vibe that's chill while showcasing some serious lyrical skill, #BoomboxBookworm by Dewey Decibel grows on you and it does it quick. The album comes out January 31st thru Bold New Breed Records and will premiere on Phrequency but also be available on his Bandcamp page for free as well, I have embedded a track from the album below so you can get a taste of the album.

Say 'Hello Hello' to Dewey Decibel

[youtube][/youtube] Just getting into #BoomBoxbookWorm by Dewey Decibel and wanted to share a video for the track "Hello Hello" from the upcoming (Jan. 31st) tape. Produced entirely by Living Legends Eligh, it has a heavy west coast feel to it overall and it sounds great so far. Stay tuned for the review coming this weekend.