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Experimenting on Art Platforms

Sup people! Long time no write, yep still here and still working on things. Today I wanted to speak a bit about art platforms built on the blockchain that use crypto as payment and distribution of ownership. Now you guys know me, anything that’s art and crypto has my attention regardless of what network it’s built on.

My never ending quest and most recent journey to create / publish my own experimental pieces have led me to the below awesome places, sure there’s many more (Known Origin, but these are personally ones I’m going to investing time in. Accompanied with their names, I’ve included what non-crypto project they can be compared to at first glance for the purpose of familiarity. Putting together pieces so I can apply to SuperRare soon.

Minimalistic Art Gallery

Great folks behind this. You can purchase art pieces here.

A Crypto version of Behance

It’s a little confusing at first but very cool.

Instagram-like distributing and selling of your work

This app is what made me finally post pieces again.

The header piece was done by me and a variant of it will be posted on Editional today but I have an animated version of it that I’m holding on to until I decide where it’s going :p
The below are are preview of some of the pieces I’ve created so far and have posted on Editional.

Hope to see you guys around those platforms, thank you for all the support so far and as always I’ll be on Twitter!

Stay Giant

DADA NYC: A Digital Artist Playground

Art is life and amazing how it's always open to interpretation regardless of what thought or medium was used to create it. With soo many advances in the digital age we live in, visual expression was bound to hit the pixels hard and become something that many people participate in, converse and share. Now we have an amazing start in the art and collaborative space called DADA nyc, a visual social network where you can communicate, collaborate and occupy a space where expression is key. I absolutely love the idea of having daily topics where people create pieces from and also the ability to have someone else come in and draw in the same piece as you. 

Visual conversation by artists at

Art is an amazing tool to communicate with, share our lives and thoughts, especially when no barriers and labels. I believe this site has an amazing idea and drawing tools (desktop only for now) for an amazing collaborative movement in a public space without getting arrested, haha. Their interface is primitive yet beautifully stylized and I love it, from the illustrated site buttons to the way type is utilized in menu options. Want to start drawing right away? Below is what you'll see once you click the pencil on the site's bottom center. Nice clean canvas... have at it.

They have also released their first art gallery named "Creeps & Weirdos" (see below) where you can even buy a piece of digital art using Ethereum (ETH), I am completely on board with cryptocurrency and glad they have their foot in it. Yes you can own limited edition art on the blockchain, once purchased you will received the edition number and the right to resell the piece as well. They are currently working on the certificate of ownership which will even further solidify this projects contribution to the art space. You can literally collect art that's limited and most importantly support the artist for their work, how cool is that?

Easily said this is a highly ambitious project and one that has very cool achievements already in the art and crypto space. There seems to be a great community there with folks sharing their pieces and coming together as artists to create. I am also going to start using the drawing tools myself and hopefully I'll see you guys there as well.

For more information: DADA NYC | DADA NYC Blog