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Uncommon Records 'Save the Horn' for Ethiopia

Uncommon Records is one of our favorite labels for several reasons, having an alternative view on HipHop, DIY attitude and another is supporting great causes which impact real people. Here we have a limited release or pop-up album which all proceeds go towards Charity:Water so they can finance a drilling rig in Ethiopia to create wells, this is a fantastic cause that will impact many people as we all need clean water to drink. The album will only be available for one month (10/28-11/28) and then it's gone, hope you all can contribute to a great cause. Props to Uncommon Records for standing up for righteous causes and great music. I just bought it and will most likely be discussing it within the next couple of days.

Check out what they have to say on the project after the jump.

"Uncommon Records humbly presents our 2nd "Pop Up Album", Save the Horn.  All proceeds from Save the Horn will be donated to Charity:Water which builds water wells in the 3rd world.  They are currently raising funds to finance a drilling rig that can dig multiple wells in the country of Ethiopia.  All of the dollars donated to Charity:Water are verified to be going toward specific wells via Google Maps and photos that are directly associated with the dollars.  Even their overhead comes through a separate income source. Save the Horn will only be available for one month (10/28-11/28), we will then donate all funds raised from the sale of the album and it will never be available again.  This creates a rare piece of music in the digital format.  The album contains 16 songs for only a $5 donation, although we would encourage you to donate more if you can.  Let's tell you about the album: Save the Horn features music from Uncommon's roster like Acid Reign, Adam Warlock, Atari Blitzkrieg, Pruven, Short Fuze, Taiyamo Denku, Masai Bey, DCK VNNGT along with collaborations with fellow Progressive Hip-Hoppers like JunClassic, Billy Woods, Megabusive, Aeon Grey, Passive65ive, Carl Kavorkian, Zesto and more.  The list of producers banding together is also impressive including Nasa, Agartha Audio, IV the Polymath, Black Tokyo, Waatu, Bond and others. The opportunity to present staunchly Progressive Hip-Hop like this in a joint effort to raise money for a worthy cause is an honor.  We were able to make a difference with Japan Earthquake Relief earlier this year with a similar project, now we need to send the same love to Africa.  Thanks to everyone that takes part, and enjoy the tunes!!!"