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NYCC Beckons Us

Right on time and awesome as usual Comic Con is coming to NYC (Oct 10-13), the same yearly event is met with the same reaction... pure joy. When you speak about conferences it's barely met with this level of excitement or brings you to begin making (buy) lists. Oh glorious Comic Con we will see you soon, we shall buy, sway in the sea of people & carry swag that we will never use/put up. Can't wait to see fellow comic Folk there, if you're going let me know! Oh the cos-play... Can't forget that!

It's Comic Con Time!

It's that time again to get totally engulfed in comic, movies, and total uber-geekery folks! We will be attending NY Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday (family day so you might meet Lil Giant!), hope to see some of you Giants there! WGM along with theonecam, Venomous, Argonauts Resins and a few of the other homies will be in attendance as well.

Maná "Drama Y Luz" Tour Hits Newark's Prudential Center

This past Saturday I went to one of the best concerts I've ever been to, Maná finally hit my neck of the woods for their 'Drama y Luz' tour and it was a wonderful experience along with an explosive audience. The atmosphere in the Prudential Center was full of peace and music, Maná as usual had a great setup and the audio sounded fantastic. Before I delve into the concert I wanted to point out the opening act that they had, it was a Dominican artist by the name of Vicente Garcia and he had a great set which was perfect for the opening of the concert. He's been out for a few but I've never heard a full song of his until now and was taken aback by the sounds, it was a great fusion of Rock, Reggae, and had a touch of Bachata sometimes. Having the maestro Juan Luis Guerra by his side to help along the recording process is also a major plus in my book, so I will be talking about Vicente in the near future as I learn more about his music.

Now this concert was one of those that when finished, it made you proud to know your people (Latinos) are willing to spread true messages of peace, equality, love and environment awareness that most of us don't really think about. It was something special where you saw people from different countries together singing and the power in unity was insane, you saw flags from all over in the audience and in the 'Latinoamerica' performance asking equality for all. They are huge supporters on any matters that help care for nature as it was highly evident in the topics touched and videos played on screen and songs. Maná truly is one of those bands that believes in love songs that some of us shrug off and stop talking/singing about, it's great to see such a huge band keeping that message alive. All of which happened that night is what music is about in my eyes and ears... I also took some photos that night, check them out below!

ChocQuibTown In Full Effect at Summerstage LAMC

ChocQuibTown... damn they ripped it up! I heard of them first from my bro-in-law and liked their song "De Donde Vengo Yo" which is the same song on the video posted below but I didn't think their live performance was going to be THAT good. They had everyone bumping and singing along as the Columbian Hip-Hop group went from one track to the other there was flags waving in the air, people screaming and jumping while the heat beat down on us but couldn't bring the mood down. ChocQuibTown put on a great show and now I can't wait to see them again live, I have a few other vids coming up but wanted to put my favorite out there first! It was hot, intense, beautiful, and united in sound that day... Enjoy and stay on the look out for more performances from ChocQuibTown here soon. [youtube][/youtube]

Rasheed Chappell 'Future Before Nostalgia' Listening Session

On April 16th I was invited to attend the 'Future Before Nostalgia' listening session for Rasheed Chappell at Blackflag Shoppe in Clifton, NJ. I got to say that I'm proud of the guy, after the work being put in and seeing it first hand has been a pleasure. It was a night filled with friends and family supporting what's good, the pouring rain had no effect on the turnout cause it was PACKED! Shortly after I got there Eddie B Swift took to the wheels of steel, then DJ Mell Starr ripped it and made me miss house parties even more. K.O.N. along with Silent Knight were hosting the event and kept things lively and moving nicely too. I was going to take my camera but I was already outside, forgot it and rain was pouring down, don't regret it tho because I would've just been snapping away without trying to listen well as that was the main purpose of the event. Granted I have already heard a good amount of what was being worked on (shhhhh) for 'Future Before Nostalgia', Kenny Dope (Legendary DJ producing the project) kept it fresh because I heard some newness that night and as usual it was... Dope. The vibe was great and a good testament to those who are in the climb of the Hip-Hop ladder. I remember getting the first submission from Marcus for Rasheed and thinking "ahh this might be kinda wack" not sure why I thought that but I can safely say that he is one of the dopest emcees I've ever had the pleasure to work with, post and know. The turnout was fantastic, vibe was dope, even his parents showed up and that's something special right there.

Besides the good music flowing and 'Sheed doing his thing, I ran into DefDom and had a cool ass convo with the brother. Also Venomous, Rhymageddon, and the homie RSG showed up and supported the emcee, fans, sites and artists came together that night. I can't wait to see what Kenny and Rasheed deliver in the final cuts on this album. The people been waiting 'Sheed and it's finally happening, dare I say it... about damn time!!!!

Check out the first installment of Rasheed's 'Capturing The Moment'. See what he has to say on this video project:

"I have teamed up with the good people of Good Market Ent. to bring you a chronicle of my life & music. As we come to the completion of Future Before Nostalgia (Produced By Kenny Dope). I wanted to provide an inside look into the life, music and all the places in between that this journey has taken me on."


I would've posted this sooner but I was on my way to China the following day! So yes I have pictures coming up for you guys hehe.