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Goose Damns These 'Changes' Ft. TheMedley

Oh word? Orlando bringing some more good music to WGM! New to us Goose sent his latest and first single off his incoming (summer) mixtape 'Inebriated' with a mesmerizing hook by TheMedley, this track got heart to it and the sounds crazy courtesy of TapeDeckEra. Check the video below and download the track above. Peace to the FL folks and keep em coming! [youtube][/youtube]

Arboles Libres In Studio Sessions

[youtube][/youtube]The Arboles Libres are hard at work on their full length album that many of us have been waiting for. A cool video with an inside look to the studio sessions with Aaron Fishbein, its accompanied with the awesome track 'Ya No Estas' and paints a great picture to what's coming.

Maxx Julian and Sincere Vega's 'sinAmaxx' Shines Bright

It has arrived! 'sinAmaxx' by Maxx Julian featuring the Florida Giant Sincere Vega is finally out, an uplifting Hip-Hop album that uses a Giant frame of mind on this collaboration in the best way. 'sinAmaxx' elevates the positive and contributes something important to the genre, with classic boom-bap and intelligent lyrics it doesn't feel like your chillin on the stoop of any regular ol emcee. The collaboration between a producer in Detroit and an emcee from Florida carries the true essence of what When Giants Meet is all about, I'm glad to see folks working together like this and come out with such a great outcome. Maxx Julian's sound is reminiscent of Madlibs where he has a particular sound to him mixing old and new with a dab of soul and it flows fantastic throughout the album, Personally I love Madlibs so I got NO problem digging this album at all. I love that intro and outro also the tracks One, Fly Definition, Mister Gone, Trouble, and She Say, overall it's an intelligent album that doesn't speak down to it's listeners and moves Hip-Hop towards a better light... I can get down with that.

WGM Podcast 2 Up!

The second WGM podcast is up for your audio pleasure my Giants, I have a few updates (minor and major) there and 21 tracks of audio crack to zone out with. Hope you guys enjoy and subscribe, subscribe, suuuuubscribe as there will be more podcasts coming up.

About time? Yeah I think so. Check the track listing below.

Track list 1. Ab - A Prayer For Mariah Woods 2. Zilla Rocca x Dr. Quandary - Vienna 3. Mr. Kinetik & Rusty Redenbacher - Over 4. Sketch Tha Cataclysm - Kidney Stones 5. Gantz OST - Murder 6. Mos Def - Ms Fat booty (Bollywood Mix) 7. Los Rakas - Ta Lista 8. Zounde Zande - Sankara 9. Rhymageddon Ft John Robinson - Vaccine 10. Kurse Featuring Jc Mejia - Unleash Me 11. Venomous2000 & DJ Priority - Rock The Bells 12. Dotropolis - Ponyo Power 13. Ace Creator (Tyler) Featuring Casey Veggi - Odd Toddlers 14. KeilyN - Columbus In A Week 15. Villano Sam - Mafu Tama 16. Copia Doble Systema vs Major Lazer - Colegiala Pon De Floor (Copyflex Mixup) 17. Jeeks - Nightcap 18. GagaDilo - Cyclotimik trip 19. Fela Kuti - Water No Get Enemy 20. Erykah Badu - Agitation 21. Maxx Julian Featuring Sincere Vega - One

Sincere Vega Is Giant One of "One" *WGM Exclusive*

See... there's a difference between someone that can just purely spit knowledge as opposed to those that are clever with words and nothing more. Sincere Vega just proved to us he's knowledge with 'One', it's clear to see especially with this fantastic string laced beat produced by Maxx Julian for the upcoming release (November 29, 2011) of Sincere's "SinAmaxx." What I like is that there is an open minded and well versed emcee becoming one with the beat without a me-too stamp, too awesome and proud to have this as a WGM exclusive for you guys. Enjoy! Peace to the FL Giant fam, keep it positive and keep it dope. Listen below and stay tabbed to some of that Florida Hip-Hop... it ain't just booty music no 'mo folks, grown people are talking here.

[audio: SV_O.mp3]

Download: Sincere Vega - One