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Wolves in the Throne Room 'Celestial Lineage'

Besides having one of the coolest names ever for a band on the face of the earth, Wolves in the Throne Room have a very unique formula at play in their recently released 'Celestial Lineage' and it works just right on different levels. The album starts with a dilapidating droning dark (D3!) guitar setting the mood for the album. While sounding epic throughout it first has this feeling of abandonment and despair but rises like a fiery ball of brute force accompanied by the voice of a regurgitating higher being of pain, with the slight folk-ish twist it adds a harmony that fuses well and gives it that extra push to have you in the mystical realm tapped in. Having influences in Folk, Doom Metal, Scandinavian Black Metal and their unique non-Satanic or demon approach towards their visuals is some of the reasons why this band is as good as they are, cookie-cutter styles have gone far enough and it's nice to not see another pentagram or inverted cross on an album like this. A great album at 6 tracks totaling almost 50 minutes, it has perfect staying time and never feels over welcomed. For those looking for a welcome change of visual and a slight (yet drastically better) twist to an aging formula I highly recommend this album.

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The Lion of Dani in the Clouds

Alright let's slow down a few and sit in the sun while listening to this Salt Lake City music goodness. Dani Lion's debut outing 'Dani in the Clouds' is a soulful summer sun and fun crooning that will have you wanting to just sit in the grass and vibe out. Daniel Fischer and Lauren Hoyt have a great formula in this duo, it all sounds soo seamless and positively warm that you just can't help but to listen and let your mind flow with the winds of the world. Peace to Dusk One!