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Rasheed Chappell's Life Beyond The Music

[youtube][/youtube]Wow. So get this folks... the album a good amount of us have been waiting for is almost here (July 12th). I remember meeting Marcus and talking to him about said artist and conducting an interview, then instantly becoming a fan when I heard his music and met the guy. Went on to do the interview, take some shots for him, design some covers and even make my first video (Thanks Sheed!) for him just because I believe in his talent. I was embraced by his people and felt like a part of something big, seeing that ill J Dilla LP and all that crazy equipment in the studio was insane Kenny! Rasheed is a cool talented artist and felt blessed I was able to participate in part of his voyage to the top... you deserve it dude and with the prowess of beat-master Kenny Dope I KNOW you will get there.

Rasheed Chappell's Capture The Moment Ep. 2

[youtube][/youtube] Here's the second installment of Giant homie Rasheed's journey into his music career. Be sure to follow him on Twitter as we see the emcee grow another 10ft in progress. It's going to be a hell of a journey and we all got a front row seat! Also the release date for the highly anticipated 'Future Before Nostalgia' is July 12, 2011 so stay tuned for that megaton dopeness to come courtesy of production from Kenny Dope.