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Blogs of August Experiment

BoA_GHey everybody, WGM is going to be participating in a lil blog experiment created by Mike Elgan where we post most if not all of the site's postings on Google+ for the month of August.

Sounds bananas right? I'm trying to see how viable of a blogging option it is once it's down to actual writing, not bells and whistles full of plug-ins and fluff. I already see some issues with certain things I do here but let's roll with the punches shall we?

First impressions: Embeds are going to be a slight problem if I want to place Bandcamp or Soundcloud albums/songs within the posts. Also hyperlinking within a post is a no go, don't mind posting links after the thoughts or review but yeah. Personalization is a HUGE difference but the overall clean minimal looks is what I'm gearing towards anyways.

You can read WGM on Google+ here: Official WGM G+ Page

Also follow Mike Elgan and myself on G+ if you're on there. See ya there plussers!