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A Few Monday Thoughts

Hold up, I need to stretch for a sec... Ahhhh ok I'm midly awake and ready to give you random life fandom from a Giant perspective. There's been some craziness going on in this world and seems like there's no stopping it, we all must continue to try our best and not take steps back from our progress as a society. Easier said than done obviously but a mention or two besides acting it out doesn't hurt to see if it makes a difference/impact on this downward spiral we got going on as of late. Besides worldly destruction we have the arts (music, art, performance) which in some form is progressing towards true expression, be it thru hardships or positive frame of mind... which goes a long way sometimes. London burning along with countries firing social media bullets towards their enemies, politicians doing what they know how to do horribly, mind control by way of music and personal opinion at an all time high, needless to say (still said it) these are hard times for peace but never give up. People will still "be about that cash" and whatever grind (mainly Hip-Hop artists) they deem proper to "make it," just remember to stop and live life for a sec and realize how lonely it can be at the top of that throne you so desperately seek. I never get tired of saying this after I realized it myself... As the saying goes "work to live, don't live to work." Nothing is better than being able to detach from work completely and watch the clouds not thinking about some hustle you have to maintain and be only about. Life is much more than a thought or passé, slow down and you'll see that clearly. Experiences and opportunities to live will pass you by if your'e too busy racing to be ahead of a materialistic coated kingdom. Just sayin.

I've slowed down on what is posted here due to life clarity (mentioned above) and preserving the quality of content provided for you all, it's important to provide something that is worth all of our time and what fits into the WGM world. No this is not a blog where there are a million posts posted daily, it just isn't that type of site and I take pride in that. Follow if you feel and living it, there's always room for more Giants.

Real life is not a window with a red X... live it.