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NY Comic Con Thoughts Part 2

Verse two, coming with that Olde E brew err.. I meant Comic Con part 2 with a bit more of the toys on display, from the awesome threeA figures, Square Enix Batman, Bandai's incredibly extensive Gundam (not Gangnam) line to a ridiculously cool custom Galactus figure/statue someone made in Artist Alley. There are quite a few more shots to share (40+) on here and will be posted in-between the music and art, I don't want to take over the site with these shots but still show you the pure awesome of what is Comic Con for those that didn't go. I hope that with these shots you get that itch to go and get your pass for next years convention!

Pumpkin Times

This past weekend we went pumpkin picking with the family and it was a first for me, also took some shots of the farm scenery too. I never really had a reason to go pumpkin picking in my earlier years; growing up in Washington Heights (NYC) it wasn’t really a concern to have a real pumpkin (black cat graphic on front door) for show haha. So I was totally feeling like a suburb dad while taking shots of the fam picking their pumpkins and taking a hayride to the pumpkin patch. It was pretty cool and we got some free apple cider afterwards which was good enough to walk back and buy Lil Giant a gallon’s worth. So mid-week the pumpkins will be carved (mess?) and put outside of the house for show, I’ll try to take some shots if the Giant‘kins… unless they come out crappy haha.