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Zilla Rocca 'Party With Villains' Care Package

Who wants to sign for this? Philly's quick draw Zilla Rocca and his October 30th release for "Party With Villains" EP is around the corner, he's released two singles so far 'Michael Caine Glasses' and 'Nothing In The Bank' that continue the bourbon sipping night crawling feel. Has-Lo's Michael Caine remix has a midnight hooligan sprinting boom-bap feel to it, and Alpha 1's Nothing In The Bank has that funky bank heist sound. Zilla is one of the most atmospheric emcees I've heard and apparently he has no plans on stopping cause this dude does mucho work. After the insanely awesome Wu-Tang Pulp, we have another audio fatale to look forward to. Check out the two singles below.

Zilla Rocca & 'Friends Go 'Full Spectrum 2' like this just flat out make me happy. Zilla Rocca, Has-Lo, Open Mike Eagle  & Dr. Quandary with Dewey Decibel on the title artwork. Hip-Hop magic right here. The beat fantastic, the visuals great, the vision unstoppable. Be sure to check out "Full Spectrum EP" below and show some support.

Megaran Unlocks Awesome With 'Super Move'

Wait... Megaran is on tour right now, just finished an album AND got a bonus track with Has-Lo, Open Mike Eagle and Zilla Rocca for Language Arts Vol. 2? Too much awesome can only be contained for so long. This bonus track will be available if you buy it from the iTunes store, also visit his Bandcamp for some combo goodness for the Language Arts Vol. 2 release. DN3 you did it again!

Zilla Rocca's 'Full Spectrum' Featuring Has-Lo In Super 8

[youtube][/youtube]That awesome Zilla Rocca and Has-Lo 'Full Spectrum' song now has a Super (8) video, thanks to Joe Castro & Justin Clowes. An excellent idea to shoot entirely in Super 8 film, props to those that dare to venture back into glorious film. They filmed the entire thing in Asbury Park here in Jersey. If you haven't picked up Nights and Weekends... what are you waiting for?

PremRock and Willie Green Make Hip-Hop Shine

PremRock just off a European tour (self-booked!) has teamed up with Willie Green again for their first release on Isolated Wax, when heard it's easy to see what made the label snatch these guys up. One thing I've always liked about PremRock is his humility and skill as an emcee, a very personable and VERY talented emcee teaming up with the talented beatsmith Willie Green is a formula that's nothing short of success. Thru out the album there's that type of Hip-Hop which breeds followers, while Prem does his thing Willie Green paints a canvas full of drums, colors and rhythms that flow naturally and head-nod inducing on every track. That "Had To Be Me" track featuring C-Rayz Walz and Soul Khan is grimey as shit and it's fantastic, that's just one track from this 11 track album that is full of  fulfilling sounds. Same thing for "Kill Your Idols" which Prem flows about taking your own and hit the road to the right thing, love the beat as it reminds me of that 90's boom bap and 'Palo' music mixed together...WIN. An impressive list of features are also present and never take over the album, Has-Lo, Soul Khan, C-Rayz Walz, DJ Addikt, Mike Eagle, it still feels like Prem and Willie's album which is hard to see nowadays... they usually take over and the main artists become the featured! A great start on Isolated Wax and as a Hip-Hop album, PremRock and Willie Green's effort is impressive to say the least. I would advise you to purchase this with no worries of money wasted, unless you like the radio Pop-Hop that is...

For a sample and free download, listen to "Diary of a Dreamer" below

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