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What's Going On Dominican Republic?!

Image courtesy of WGMeetsToday is a bit saddening... I've been reading a good deal of DR news and media issues going around recently, unfortunately it seems that Dominican Republic is in need of some major society help and restructuring now more than ever. It doesn't help that there's a poverty issue as well, the youth concentrate on materialistic ideals and certain media personalities are acting a fool publicly. Couple these issues in with lack of knowledge in certain instances and you can have a major problem with delinquency, energy spent on the wrong things and shameful portrayals in the media. It truly makes me sad to see this unfolding because it's a beautiful country and I know my Dominicans are better than this. We tend to be a bit loud and usually ready to party but in the end you will find people who are kind, honest, family oriented and always willing to help someone. Certain family ideals are being tossed out the window because money is at dire need, dishonest (muggings, robbery, drugs) work is rampant at an alarming rate from what I keep seeing/reading... but where do you go and make things better? More and more kids are hitting the streets with horrible (if any) schooling and bad intentions, I think it might be wise to concentrate on getting thru to them before we try the adults. Corruption in government isn't new especially in the Dominican Republic but with strong young voices in positive action, I think things can start to turn around for the better and much of the crime can turn towards a productive future which can disseminate throughout the country. Yes the adults are the ones in positions to dictate but the youth can truly make a change as it seems they are in control of society right now, the problem is that the older folk (set in their ways) just wrap it up with "damn kids messing everything up" but don't help or see why they do it. I am vowing to do my part to help with what I can from the US to the country I love so much and care about, I will be looking up resources to get something started over there for a brighter day for kids as they are the ones that will govern in the future.

If anyone has any information that would prove beneficial to this cause, please email us with it and hopefully less misguided youths stay in the streets. If you are an organization or group interested in collaborating feel free to inform us about your company or movement.

Uncommon Records 'Save the Horn' for Ethiopia

Uncommon Records is one of our favorite labels for several reasons, having an alternative view on HipHop, DIY attitude and another is supporting great causes which impact real people. Here we have a limited release or pop-up album which all proceeds go towards Charity:Water so they can finance a drilling rig in Ethiopia to create wells, this is a fantastic cause that will impact many people as we all need clean water to drink. The album will only be available for one month (10/28-11/28) and then it's gone, hope you all can contribute to a great cause. Props to Uncommon Records for standing up for righteous causes and great music. I just bought it and will most likely be discussing it within the next couple of days.

Check out what they have to say on the project after the jump.

"Uncommon Records humbly presents our 2nd "Pop Up Album", Save the Horn.  All proceeds from Save the Horn will be donated to Charity:Water which builds water wells in the 3rd world.  They are currently raising funds to finance a drilling rig that can dig multiple wells in the country of Ethiopia.  All of the dollars donated to Charity:Water are verified to be going toward specific wells via Google Maps and photos that are directly associated with the dollars.  Even their overhead comes through a separate income source. Save the Horn will only be available for one month (10/28-11/28), we will then donate all funds raised from the sale of the album and it will never be available again.  This creates a rare piece of music in the digital format.  The album contains 16 songs for only a $5 donation, although we would encourage you to donate more if you can.  Let's tell you about the album: Save the Horn features music from Uncommon's roster like Acid Reign, Adam Warlock, Atari Blitzkrieg, Pruven, Short Fuze, Taiyamo Denku, Masai Bey, DCK VNNGT along with collaborations with fellow Progressive Hip-Hoppers like JunClassic, Billy Woods, Megabusive, Aeon Grey, Passive65ive, Carl Kavorkian, Zesto and more.  The list of producers banding together is also impressive including Nasa, Agartha Audio, IV the Polymath, Black Tokyo, Waatu, Bond and others. The opportunity to present staunchly Progressive Hip-Hop like this in a joint effort to raise money for a worthy cause is an honor.  We were able to make a difference with Japan Earthquake Relief earlier this year with a similar project, now we need to send the same love to Africa.  Thanks to everyone that takes part, and enjoy the tunes!!!"

Japan: Hope For Tomorrow (Worldwide Fundraising Album)

My blogging brothers The Word Is Bond and Kevin Nottingham released a great album today (38 tracks!!) for a low price of $6 which 100% of the proceeds go towards our Japan brothers and sisters in need by way of Save The Children and GlobalGiving. If you donate more you will be entered to win extra prizes for your kindness. Lend an ear and some help, show your support on this project please! Hear what The Word Is Bond has to say about the release after the jump!

Whilst the events of March 11th were sudden, the memories will be forever etched in the mind of those mourning the loss of their friends and family. A tragedy of such unspeakable horrors has rarely been captured so extensively by film, allowing all of us to witness (along with the rest of the world) the enormous grief bestowed upon the people of Japan. The rebuilding process begins almost as soon as the dust has settled, meaning it is our collective responsibility to contribute in whatever small way we can.

“Hope For Tomorrow” is our humble idea to make a difference. We are reaching out to YOU to support our efforts in providing help for those struggling in the aftermath. Our friends at Kevin Nottingham have come on board to assist in the release of a charity album. We are grateful to be in a position to use the talents of some of the undergrounds most respected hip-hop artists. It is our hope that this project will continue to garner attention for the people of Japan and raise some much needed funds.

100% of the money will be given away and shared between the charities Save The Children and GlobalGiving. The best news is that the album is available for only 6 dollars so it's hard to say no. Artists to feature include Substantial, Dela, Soulchef, Thomas Prime, Marcus D & K-Murdock and others aswell as some big names from Japan. The global theme of the project is expressed through participation of artists from USA, UK, France, Moldova, Canada, Poland, Australia and of course Japan.

Alongside the music is a chance to enter our competition for prizes, with the larger the donations the bigger the chance of winning a coveted prize. 20 Dollars or more will see you entered into our top tier of prizes, 10 Dollars will give you a chance for our second tier, but better still there is a guaranteed chance of a prize so long as you can donate in some form.

The most important thing is that all the money raised will go directly towards the people of Japan who are struggling with the threat of 3 major problems: an earthquake, a tsunami and the worry of a nuclear disaster. This may be a problem unique to Japan but it will take a global effort to help the people back on their feet. Through a partnership of good will and charity we have the chance to ease a bleak situation. "Hope For Tomorrow" is not just an album title but a belief that no matter how small our efforts we can and will make a difference.

Uncommon Records - The Sun Never Sets (Japan Benefit/Pop Up Album #1)

Uncommon Records is one of our favorite HipHop labels and they just released a Japan benefit album for 5 dollars with ALL proceeds go towards Second Harvest, a soup kitchen and food pantry that operates in Japan and is helping out with the disaster relief going on now. They got a few remixes here but mostly original tracks from the emcees you all have come to know and love out of Uncommon, so quality of the music is obviously not in question. I'm already enjoying the album and at the same time give much needed help to our Japan brothers and sisters, I hope everyone can find it in their heart to pay the 5 dollars that we can waste on nonsense daily towards a good cause. It's great to see a label come together and show their support by noticing the worlds problems are not just theirs but ours.

Check out what they have to say on the project: "The Sun Never Sets" as we said, is one of our new "Pop Up Albums", and just like a Pop Up Restaurant or Pop Up Record store, it will only be around for a limited time. In this case, we will make this available for 30 Days (3/18-4/18). ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE MONEY RAISED FROM SALES OF THIS ALBUM WILL BE DONATED FOR JAPAN RELIEF. We hope to make an announcement on the total, large or small, one month from now. We hope it's as large as possible.

DJ Kool Herc needs our help

The father of Hip-Hop Clive Campbell aka DJ Kool Herc is in dire need of assistance with medical bills due to financial matters and lack of health insurance. It was said recently that he was in bad health conditions in the hospital and now is in need of surgery. Because of this man we have a lot of artists and music as he was a starting point into a culture that has grown beyond expectations and imagination. If you are interested in donating, there is more information on DJ Premier Blog. We are willing to work with people and try to make something happen for Herc, if you're interested let us know!

Donations can also be sent here: KOOL HERC PRODUCTIONS P.O. BOX 20472 HUNTINGTON STATION , NY 11746

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