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Hellboy: House of the Living Dead Review

Mike Mignola creator of Hellboy and Richard Corben have teamed up again for ol Reds new adventure "House of the Living Dead" by Dark Horse Comics. It brings the red brute to a Mexican wrestler role mixed in with Frankenstein and a few other beloved monsters from the 1930-40's era, an odd but awesome setting for this hardcover graphic novel. Set in 1954, Hellboy's romp in the ring brings him to become good friends with three luchadores which then one is taken by vampires. Hellboy gets propositioned after a fight and him turning it down, it shifts into a battlefest with a wrestling Frankenstein (sound crazy yet?) bought at a carnival. While reading it I asked myself where was it all going or was I missing something with the odd scenarios, but I kept reading and found to be very entertained by the mix of monster tributes Mignola put in.

This is a fun read for those that are fans of Hellboy and monsters as well, it comes out inexpensive at $14.99 for it being a hardcover graphic novel too. A one-story, one-book deal that's worth stepping into and letting it ride out till the end, the art throughout made the book jump out with bold shadows and just enough odd visions to shake your mental.

"House of the Living Dead" is available now so pass thru your local comic shop and pick one up!