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What's Playing?

It's been a wide variety of awesome lately and I wanted to share with you all what's playing! Some of it old and some of it new, sounds vary greatly so keep the third eye open, ears clean and soak it all in. In no order of importance but all is worth it... Mr. Bungle 'California', Ill Clinton 'Mediums', MegaRan and Phil Harmonix 'The Returners EP', Astronautica 'Waikiki', Harkonen 'Shake Harder Boy' and Calle 13 'MultiViral' to name a few. Wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't good, you know the deal.

Ill Clinton Jumps to Juniper

iC_JIll Clinton has set foot on tranquil land and is back to share some beats and experiences with us, being released by IHAA Records on a limited release of 200 cassettes is a project titled 'Ragnarok'(August 6th). He sent over a gem called 'Juniper' which transports you to a place where time has slowed down and peace is key. Escape for a bit with a bonus track from 'Ragnarok' below and mellow out:

Ill Clinton In the 'Depths'

Recently coming into audio contact with Ill Clinton, I've been embracing some beats that have a darker and profound sound to them. I've been listening to some of his past works and now that this new one will be coming out, I felt compelled to share it with you guys. There are currently two singles ('Namm', 'Tylenol Fluid') that you can listen to, they both have this smokey dusty twisted sound to them and it sounds great. Check out the tracks and support the talent by preordering the album which drops Feb. 19, 2013. Oh yeah... there might be something in the WGM air with Ill so stay tuned!