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This is the Way it Goes Says Zorch

Z_TISTIGWhat the hell is this?! At first it sounds like an Atropolis beat that goes into carnival mode with hallucinogenic vocals. The duo Zorch has an interesting sound for their debut album to say the least... Ohh oh ehh oh, this is the way it goes! Some Santigold and Cumba Mela mixed in as well... damn it's all over the place and it's a lot of damn fun. Yep, I likes this and love it's cymbal clash mixture of sounds. This crazy sound is off Zorch's new album 'Zzoorrcchh' (Sargent House) coming up July 23, 2013, you can also listen to their first single "We All Die Young" and pre-order the album here.

Lune the Moon Game

LUNEWe all love us some video games and when a game is announced that involves controlling what was thought to be impossible or not the run of the mill jumping/shooting/collecting tags, that's when our interest goes sky high. Enter Lune, a game being created by six students (including Dedale's Sergey Mojov) for the French game competition Hits Playtime where you control the moon, so you get to control gravity, light, and the tides... crazy right? The game revolves around an island in the middle of an ocean that doesn't get light and is occupied by a large ancient tower with Runic Guardians. Check out the trailer along with some concept art and the main character model below. Head over to their Facebook page **Like it** if ya do and watch it for more information on this awesome looking game... that I can't wait to play. [youtube][/youtube] Character CharacterConceptArt02 CharacterConceptArt03

Everyone Loves Uncommon Burners 2

The Uncommon Records folks are back and this time they're celebrating their artists and fan base with the second installment of Uncommon Burners. The Uncommon Burner 2 features tracks from all of their current artists and features by Prince Po and billy woods, if you buy the cd version it comes with 8 extra tracks, a dual poster and a limited edition Uncommon America sticker. If you're really feeling the Orange Army vibe (which you should) go for the package that brings everything I already mentioned and the Uncommon Orange army flag tee, for other options visit their merchandise page too.

The music speaks for itself in volumes. Support the Uncommon troops!

Astro Astro Dale Astro

I have a weird like/dislike relationship with MGMT so when I received this album I was a little skeptical about Astro, which has been compared to the Chilean version of the popular band. However, listening thru the album a few times I've experienced nothing but a fun atmosphere and sounds like the boys had a lot of good times making it. The sound is light hearted with an enjoyable pace, it also has a great sense of energy throughout. From the synth one chord cool sound of 'Ciervos' to the bitmapped 'Miu-Miu' then with 'Nueces de Bangladesh' heavy distorted sound, it has good range and stays sonically interesting from start to finish. Astro's self-titled album is a good nod to Latin music and it's progression towards different sounds, they also remind me a bit of El Guincho with their imaginative lyrics and synths. Sometimes you just want good music without the politics and picking sides, the Astro album is perfect for that and that's what makes it so much fun. If this Indie-Pop group stays on course and keeps developing their sound, Astros' future will bring great joy to everyones ears. While sounding great and all fun, I'd like to hear them explore more of an individual sound for Astro instead of me instantly comparing them because of similar sounds... not that it's a bad thing but you know. Those whom don't speak Spanish might be alienated a little because of the all Spanish lyrics but the sounds will totally carry you over and at the end of the day it's about the music. Mission accomplished. You can buy their album on iTunes now for a cool $7.99. 'Ciervos' is their first single/video off the self-titled album which you can watch below. 

Pruven's 'Stamina of Thought' Out Now

Connecticut based Hip-Hop artist Pruven has a new album out now called 'Stamina of Thought', released under the Uncommon Records label. This falls into the category of music for thought instead of just for the sake of sounding good, lyrics that should be listened to and the dope soundtrack that carries it along. My favorite track so far is M & J but have to go thru the album fully. Check the album below and support Progressive Hip-Hop that tries to make a difference, you can also buy the album on iTunes and Amazon.